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This route now features the new business class layout so 4A is both window and aisle ("throne" style). It's not perfect for sleeping but I managed a nap nonetheless. The main problem was the ridiculous car-style seat belt which was way too tight and not adjustable. I spent as much of the flight as possible with the belt off as a result. Service wasn't great and the crew seemed to have locked the forward rest-room…

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Asiento 4A
Origen Kuala Lumpur - Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL)
Para Sydney - Kingsford Smith (SYD)

The planel, El-Al's UP service is incredibly crowded. My seat wasn't bad, but because the aisles are so narrow, I was constantly being elbowed. Excellent is spelled with 2 "ll's", not one as below. Come on, people. I paid nearly full price but was given the same inedible sandwiches as those who flew bargain rates. This needs to change.

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Asiento 2D
Origen TLV
Para Prague

Although your seating plan shows these seats as 44 J & K, the actual seats on our boarding passes showed the seat numbers as 44H & 44K. We found that sitting in 44k your feet and legs became extremely cold due to the freezing temperature outside the exit door which seemed to permeate through inside the door. Also the door does block out some of the legroom for this seat. In 44H (or J as…

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Asiento 44H
Origen Singapore - Changi (SIN)
Para Perth - Perth International (PER)

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We arrived at the Hamad International Airport on May 1st, 2016 after a 14-hour long trip from Miami. An elegant representative of the Mövenpick Hotel West Bay Doha was waiting for us there with a sign reading our name. Immediately, he took us to the limo and from there we left for the hotel. The…
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We arrived at the MALE airport at 9:00 am on January 6th, 2016. The boys from Gili Lankanfushi were waiting for us at the exit, ready to invite us to climb aboard the boat for the 20-minute journey that would take us to the island. Immediately we put on life-jackets and they took away our…
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Which Is Better? Checking or Shipping Your Baggage?

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You're probably one of those travelers who have never taken into account the idea of shipping their baggage and having them reach the destination before you. You're probably more confident if you know that your bags are traveling with you. But how would you feel if you were compelled to pay a fee in order…
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Traveling with a Baby in Europe

traveling with a baby in europe
Traveling with your baby may be a CHALLENGING task especially if you set off on a journey by plane. Not only that you have to be certain you managed to take everything you need aboard the plane but you also have to make sure you comply with all the regulations that apply in your case.…
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Newest Aircraft in the Skies

Newest Aircraft in the skies Boeing 787-9 and Airbus 350
Frequent fliers and airplane spotters may soon see some new aircrafts in the skies and on the tarmacs. The Airbus A350 made its debut in November of 2014 sporting a Qatar Airways branding and colors. While the Boeing 787-9 was released in October for its first commercial flight on Air New Zealand’s Auckland to the…
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Traveling with Children

traveling with children
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Luxury luggage
When buying luggage at the high end of the market, there are some quality pieces that stand out and shine. Features such as the latest technology and design are as important as having an elegant fashion statement, but equally important is choosing a reliable travel aid which we can rely on to meet our needs.…
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U.S. Airlines with the Lowest Checked Bag Fees

tourism (travel)
When the practice of charging people to take their suitcase of clean clothes with them on their flight became commonplace, there were some very angry travelers – and we completely understand why! It seems to make sense that you should be allowed to bring a few essentials with you on an airplane trip – but,…
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