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As a frequent traveler I wanted to test Austrian for quite some time. Food and service should be really good and they won the award for "best european airline" a few years ago. Actually the staff was very friendly and committed. The seats are quite comfortable, given I was traveling economy class but seeing the business class was making me wanna upgrade next time. Food was very good too and I could sleep for the…

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Asiento 22A
Origen Vienna-Schwechat International (VIE)
Para Tokyo-New Tokyo International Airport (NRT)
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The economy seats are tight at 30 inch pitch. I am 5.10 and it was very uncomfortable after about a hour. Service was ok But beverages only. These are new seats and aircraft so they are very clean and well kept. My seat cushion was already out of line and added to the discomfort.

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Asiento #NA
Origen Los Angeles-Los Angeles International (LAX)
Para Atlanta, GA-Hartsfield-jackson Atlanta International (ATL)
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Purchased first class seat. I am posting photos so that everyone can see what United is selling as United does not include this information on their website. In fact they state the seats in first class are "Lie flat". No, they actually recline a few degrees, about the same amount as their economy plus seats. They are comfortable seats, adequately wide for the 3 1/2 to 4 hour flight to the caribbean. United should include…

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Asiento 1A
Origen Washington, DC-Washington Dulles International(IAD)
Para Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas-Cyril E King Airport(STT)

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