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The Seat Is epic. I have never sat in a seat so good. SO <MANY FEATURES FOR THIS 15 hour flight. ALSO OMG!!! I WAS THE ONLY ONE IN FIRST CLASS!!!! I HAD 6 ATTENDEDS TO MY SELF. I sat in 1A, ate in 1D and slept in 2K :D I got to use 1G,1K, 2A,2D,2G,3A,3D,3G and 3K for tour of features

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Asiento 1A
Origen Newark - Newark Liberty International (EWR)
Para Dubai - Dubai (DXB)

We flew from Cusco and although we tried to book our seats on line the LAN website was down many hours before. Check in staff at Cusco were most Helpful and rang through to obtain two seats in the extra leg room area these were the last as Staff at Lima were offering 700 dollars to take the next flight. Stewards were very helpful extra leg space sufficient for 6'4 husband but he would have…

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Asiento 15j
Origen Lima - Jorge Chavez International (LIM)
Para Madrid - Barajas (MAD)

It was the last row of seats and it was great! We travelled economy, the legroom was great, food and beverages OK (air france), entertainment system absolutely awsome-especially the camera underneath the cockpit. But I have to suggest more english films and tv series. Overall a great experience, if it weren't fot the constant (light) turbulences all through atlantic, it would be one of the greatest flights ever..

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Asiento 52A
Origen New York - John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)
Para Paris - Charles De Gaulle (CDG)

Consejos para viajeros

What You Need to Know About TSA PreCheck

Airport check in
One thing that makes many airline travelers anxious is the thought of dealing with airport security. While most will agree that thorough security checks are necessary to keep air passengers – and those on the ground – safe, they often anticipate lengthy experiences and look with dread on the entire security process. Fortunately, getting through security…
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Traveling with Children in Canada

traveling with children in canada
From the point of view of the Canadian authorities, persons who have not reached their 18th birthday are considered CHILDREN. It is therefore important to take account of the following recommendations whenever you decide to go to Canada by plane. You know what they say... it's better play it safe than to play it by…
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Top 5 Modern Airport Terminals

Shanghai Airport Night
Whether you travel occasionally or often, you probably appreciate stepping into an airport terminal that’s updated with modern design and technology. Modern airport terminals make it enjoyable - and efficient - to check in and wait for flights. They offer features that make the terminal a semi-pleasurable place to be in, rather than somewhere a…
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A Few Facts on Child Safety Restraint Systems (CRS)

child safety restraint systems (crs)
Parents will always consider their offsprings' well being before anything else. Almost any parent will never think about money or effort when it comes to the safety and happiness of their children. Especially when traveling. Whenever you're traveling by plane, you as a parent should know that an authorized child restraint system (CRS) is the…
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Our Top 10 Fear of Flying Tips

fear of flying tips
1. Don’t keep your fear of flying a secret. Inform the cabin crew that you tremble at the thought of getting on the plane. Let them all know, the gate agent, the flight attendant or the passengers around you. You won't be made a monkey out of yourself if you do that. On the contrary,…
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How to Check-in Pets in the United States

pet on the airplane
To begin with, let's just point out that according to TSA security procedures you are not prohibited to fly with your pet. Still, you have to get in touch with the airline or the travel agent to make sure that you're not caught off-guard by any latest regulations or procedures regarding pets traveling by plane.…
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Rarotonga – Cook Islands

Rarotonga is the main island of the Cook Islands, and features a stunning volcano in the middle of the island called Te Manga, sitting 658 meters above sea level. The Cook Islands comprise fifteen main islands covering an area of 690,000 square miles (the size of Greenland). The moment you walk off your airplane, you…
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Travel Tips for Children Traveling Alone

tips for children traveling alone
Children who fly alone need to know what to expect of their journey and may regard the ENTIRE TRIP as an adventure that can be both stressful as well as worrying. Therefore, they need to be explained a few essential facts about AIR TRAVEL and should also know how to behave when they come across…
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How to Deal with Common Health Issues when Flying

deal with common health issues when flying
Are you one of those people who shudder to think about getting on an airplane simply because you just know that you'll feel horrible from departure to arrival? Do you happen to be forced to put up with MOTION SICKNESS or even PAINFUL EARACHES whenever you fly? Than, I bet you could use some tips,…
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