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1A 1K are probably the best seats on the A380, both First suites. Proximity to toilet and galley was not a problem as food is prepared in the galley at the back of the cabin. Problem is a door next door which made a lot of noise on take off and when there was turbulence. The aircraft is more noisy that one assume. I did not find it that quiet as some people claim.

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Asiento 1A
Origen Hong Kong - Hong Kong International (HKG)
Para London - London Heathrow (LHR)

Avoid e and f seats if possible. the seat supports are misaligned so you have to try and put one fut on each side of the support. The aisle row people claim this as their area forcing you to try to stretch one leg at a time. My wife couldn't even get her purse under the seat. There are also some posts for power which makes this even worse. Quick summary avoid the economy e…

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Asiento 22e
Origen Montreal - Montréal-pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL)
Para Frankfurt - Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)

The seat map on your website and on the TAAG online check-in webpage is incorrect. I selected seats online in row 15 assuming that they would be next to the emergency exit providing more leg room. However, the first row behind business class next to the emergency exit is row 12 and row 15 did not provide the extra leg room I wanted.. The air hostessess simply shrugged cluelessly.

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Asiento 15K
Origen Johannesburg - Oliver Reginald Tambo International (JNB)
Para Lisbon - Portela (LIS)

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