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These seats are in the upper section of the 747-400 just behind the business class seats in a generally quieter section of the aircraft. Legroom good and less wait for using the toilet facilities - albeit you use the one's in Business class who may not be so pleased that they are having to share these with those who paid less for their fare.

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Asiento 78H
Origen London - London Gatwick (LGW)
Para Havana - Jose Marti Intl (HAV)

Este avion me toco de ida y vuelta a brasil,son lejos lo mas incomodos que hay estrecho el asiento poco reclinable, sin tv, un desastre Primera vez que me tocan aviones tan malos ....si viajan vean que no les toquen estos aviones realmente muy incomidos.

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Asiento 15a
Origen Rio De Janeiro - Galeão–antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport (GIG)
Para Santiago - Arturo Merino Benitez (SCL)

The seating map is not correct. In business class (Bay A) 31 seats: AB DEF JK. The economy class. Bay B 160 seats: AB DEFG JK. It starts in row 10 through row 32. There is row 13 and row 17. Row 32 and row 33 is DEFG Bay C 107 seats. Begins in row 33 to row 47. From row 33 to 42 is AB DEFG JK From row 43 to 45 is AB…

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Asiento 5F
Origen Lisbon - Portela (LIS)
Para Salvador, Bahia - Luis Eduardo Magalhaes (SSA)

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