Check-in en Aer Lingus

How can I check in for an Aer Lingus flight?

When traveling on an Aer Lingus flight, various options are available for passengers to check in before or after arriving at the airport:

  • Web Check-in.
  • Advance Web Check-in.
  • Mobile Check-in.
  • FastPass Check-in (Airport Kiosks).
  • Airport Check-in.

What check-in deadlines apply for Aer Lingus flights?

Passengers will not be accepted for travel if they do not comply with check-in deadlines. They may change their booking up until the flight they were booked on has departed, thereafter it will be treated as a ‘no-show’ and the booking will be forfeited.

Check-in Deadlines
 Flights Check-in Closes Recommended
 Long-haul routes* (depart or arrive outside Europe) 75 minutes 3.5 hours
 Short-haul routes (depart and arrive within Europe) 45 minutes 2 hours
 From Belfast City Airport 30 minutes 2.5 hours
 *Check-in service for Economy Class on all long-haul flights closes 75 minutes before departure while check-in for Business Class closes 60 minutes before departure.

Passengers traveling on an itinerary that includes flights operated by one of Aer Lingus partner airlines should check in as recommended by the operating airline.

Web Check-in

Web Check-in is available for passengers on selected routes. For flights departure within the next 30 hours, Web Check-in is available, usually, up until 2 hours before the scheduled departure time. For flights with scheduled departure outside of 30 hours, the 30 Day Advance Check-in service is available on select European routes between 30 hours and 30 days before the scheduled departure time.

Web Check-in Times

Web Check-in is available:

  • For European flights – starting 30 hours before departure up to:
    • 2 hours before departure – flights from Ireland, the Uk, Amsterdam.
    • 6 hours and 30 minutes before departure – flights from Rome.
    • 8 hours and 30 minutes before departure – flights from Malaga and Faro (operated by Airbus A330 aircraft).
    • 4 hours and 30 minutes before departure – all other European flights.
  • Flights to and from North America – from 24 hours up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure time.

Passengers with Web Boarding Passes traveling from the US must present themselves at the dedicated Web Check-in Counter at the airport at least 75 minutes before their scheduled departure time, while other passengers who check in online are advised to allow sufficient time to check baggage and proceed through security checkpoints. The time may vary by airport, day, and time. Passengers using Web Check-in from Izmir must go to the check-in desk at the airport to get a standard boarding pass issued in exchange for their printed version due to local authority requirements.

After passengers check in online, they can proceed directly to the Bag Tag and Drop desk where their checked baggage can be processed. Seats are automatically assigned for all passengers, but they can change the seats clicking the ‘Change Seats’ button on the ‘Seating’ page.

Advance Web Check-in

Passengers can use the Advance Web Check-in service between 30 days and 30 hours before the scheduled departure time only if they booked via If the departure time of the flight is scheduled within the next 30 hours, passengers must use the standard Web Check-in service.

The 30 Day Advance Web Check-in service is currently available on the following routes:

  • Flights between Ireland and the UK, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, and Hungary.
  • Flights between Ireland and Paris, Lyon, Nice, Toulouse, Perpignan, Marseille, and Bordeaux.
  • Flights from Ireland to Agadir, Amsterdam, and Rennes.

Seats must be assigned before the use of Advance Web Check-in service, and a seat fee may apply. Advance Web Check-in is not allowed for group bookings. For passengers who have booked flights via a travel agency or Aer Lingus call centre, Web Check-in will become available 30 hours before the departure time.

Mobile Check-in

With the Aer Lingus mobile app passengers can check in and retrieve their boarding pass via their smartphone. A link to the Mobile Boarding Pass will be sent via email or as an SMS. Mobile Check-in is available for all European flights, except flights from Donegal, Bourgas, and Faro airports, from 30 hours before departure up to:

  • 1 hour before departure – flights from Ireland, the Uk, Amsterdam.
  • 6 hours and 30 minutes before departure – flights from Rome.
  • 8 hours and 30 minutes before departure – flights from Malaga (operated by Airbus A330 aircraft).
  • 4 hours and 30 minutes before departure – all other European flights.

Mobile Check-in is not available:

  • For flights to/from North America.
  • For flights booked via the Aer Lingus call center or a travel agency.

With Mobile Check-in passengers can:

  • Select the departure airport from the selection list, and just have to confirm that the details are correct.
  • Select the number of ordinary and sports bags to check, from the drop down lists.
  • Change the seat.
  • Add the Frequent Flyer number.

Mobile Boarding Pass

When you have entered either your web-enabled mobile phone number or email address, you will receive a link to your Mobile Boarding Pass. Passengers can go to Web Check-in and reprint the boarding pass from there if they have any difficulty accessing the link to the Mobile Boarding Pass. If they are already at the airport and cannot access the boarding pass link, they must go to a check-in desk and obtain a paper boarding pass.

FastPass Check-in

The self-service initiative for checking-in at the airport is FastPass. Passengers can check-in quickly for any Aer Lingus flights departing from Dublin by using the touch screen technology. FastPass allows you to:

  • Check-in in English, French, Italian, Spanish, and German.
  • Identify your booking in different ways: booking reference, passport, Gold Circle Club card, or credit card.
  • Select which passengers you want to check in.
  • Indicate the number of bags that you are checking-in.
  • Change your assigned seat.
  • Add your frequent flyer number.
  • Print your boarding pass.

Airport Check-in

Evening Before Check-in

Evening Before Check-in is available:

  • At Dublin Airport – between 17:00-20:00 the evening before if the flight departs between 05:30-08:00 in the morning.
  • At Cork Airport – between 16:00-19:30 the evening before if the flight departs between 06:00-08:00 in the morning.

This service is available for Aer Lingus and Aer Lingus Regional flights. Each passenger must present themselves to check in and drop off bags. However, if you are traveling with immediate family, one member of the family can check in and drop bags for all passengers. Passports/ID cards are required for all passengers and must be presented the evening before. Passengers should come to the airport 90 minutes before the flight is due to depart to go through security and get to the gate in time.

Onward Check-in

Onward Check-in (on the same day of travel) is available on selected Aer Lingus flights and with the following airlines: United Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, American Airlines, Air France, Finnair, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Iberia.

Passengers with Hand Baggage Only

Passengers with only hand baggage and both outbound and return flights to most UK destination on the same day can be checked-in for both flights.

Passengers with hand baggage only can check in at:

  • Designated hand baggage desks.
  • The Ticket Desk, at the time of collecting the tickets.
  • The Customer Service Desk.


Aer Lingus advises all passengers to be at the boarding gate no later than the time indicated on the boarding pass. Passengers arriving late to the boarding gate will not be accepted for travel.

The boarding times are:

  • 30 minutes before departure – flights from Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Europe (except Rome and Amsterdam).
  • 40 minutes before departure – flights from Rome and Amsterdam.
  • 45 minutes before departure – flights from the US.

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