Volar con mascotas en Aerolineas Argentinas

What is Aerolineas Argentinas policy on pet acceptance?

Aerolineas Argentinas allows pets to travel as checked baggage.

Exclusively on domestic and regional flights, pets are accepted for transportation in the passenger cabin.

What pets are allowed to travel on Aerolineas Argentinas flights?

Aerolineas Argentinas allows passengers to travel with dogs and cats as pets. If you have a pet other than a dog or cat, you should contact Aerolineas Argentinas Customer Service Center.

Pets in Cabin

Transportation of pets in the passenger cabin is available for booking only through the Call Center and must be required at least 72 hours in advance. This service is available only on domestic and regional flights (within Argentina and to/from neighboring countries). Only one pet (dog or cat) per passenger is accepted, and up to a maximum of 4 pets on each flight (1 in Club Economy and 3 in Tourist Class).

Only cats and dogs, including brachycephalic breeds, are accepted in the passenger cabin. Pets must be more than 45 days old, and their weight must be maximum 9 kg. It is also necessary to have a certificate of good health and rabies certificate, issued by a veterinarian at most ten 10 days before the departure of the flight, and the corresponding vaccination certificates.

Pets must be transported in a suitable container or bag provided by the passenger. The container must have a waterproof base and the necessary qualities with regard to resistance, ventilation, safety, and comfort for the pet. In the case that the container does not comply with the conditions of acceptance, it will not be allowed for boarding. The maximum dimensions of the container should be the following:

  • Soft bag: 48 x 30 x 20 cm (L x W x H).
  • Rigid container: 48 x 30 x 17 cm (L x W x H).


For the transportation of pets in the passenger cabin, Aerolineas Argentinas will charge the following fee per segment:

  • Domestic flights – from ARS 900 to ARS 1,800 (excluding VAT), depending on the route.
  • Regional flights (neighboring countries) – USD 200 (excluding VAT).

Pets as Checked Baggage


If you want your pet to travel as checked baggage, you must book the space at least 48 hours before the flight’s departure. Due to the differences as regards the conditions in the hold of different types of aircraft, the booking for your pet to be transported in the hold has a conditional character, meaning that it does not assure that you and your pet will travel on the same flight.


The transportation of brachycephalic breeds of dogs and cats is not accepted as checked baggage.

The transportation of pets (dogs and cats) as checked baggage on narrow-body aircraft (Boeing 737 700 and 737 800) is permitted but will be subject to the weather conditions at the moment of boarding.

On Embraer 190 aircraft operated by Austral, pets as checked baggage are not accepted on flights exceeding 2 hours. This restriction applies to both domestic and regional routes, but only those operated by Austral. The restriction does not apply on flights operated by Aerolineas Argentinas.


In order to travel with your cat or dog on flights within Argentina, you must show the the anti-rabies certificate and the good health certificate issued by a veterinary with no more than a week in advance of the flight’s departure, as well as certificates of vaccination.

Since every country has different rules with regards to the transportation and acceptance of animals, you should contact the consulate for more information.

If you are traveling on a regional or international flight departing from Ezeiza, you will have to present the Permission for Boarding Live Animals issued by SENASA at the airport, before boarding the pet. In order to obtain this permission, you will have to go the SENASA counters four hours before the flight’s departure with: the pet, the International Veterinarian Certificate and all the documentation demanded by the country of destination in original and photocopy, so the inspector can do a physical verification of the animal, its documents and microchip reading. Once the inspection is finished, the staff will give the passenger a Boarding Permission so that the passenger can check in with his/her pet.

If traveling to the European Union, your pet must be at least 3 months old, identified with a microchip or tattoo, and must have the veterinarian certificate or passport and anti-rabies vaccination. This must be done at least 4 months before the flight date in order for the SENASA to extend the International Veterinarian Certification and the consulate to authenticate it.

Requirements for Pet Kennels

The animal must travel in a suitable kennel, with a waterproof bottom. The kennel must be of good quality, resistant, well ventilated, safe and comfortable for the animal’s size. Only one animal per each kennel will be accepted.


All pets travel as excess baggage, and a fee must be paid according to the destination and the weight in kilos:

Route Weight (pet + kennel)
Up to 23 kg 23-32 kg Over 32 kg
Domestic within Argentina ARS 400 ARS 800 ARS 1600
Argentina ↔ Uruguay USD 60 USD 120 USD 240
Argentina ↔ Bolivia, Chile, Colombia,
Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela
USD 80 USD 160 USD 320
South America ↔ Europe, the Caribbean, the US USD/EUR 200 USD/EUR 300 USD/EUR 400
Brazil ↔ South America 1% of the published full fare per kilo

Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs are allowed to travel in the passenger cabin, without any charge, as a companion of a passenger that, due his/her visual or hearing disability, depends on it. The animal must wear an appropriate muzzle and a harness and will not be permitted to occupy a seat.

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