Check-in en airBaltic

What check-in options does airBaltic offer?

airBaltic offers a range of options for passengers to check in for a flight from the comfort of their own home, en route or at the airport:

  • Online Check-in.
  • Mobile Check-in.
  • Kiosk Check-in – only in Riga.
  • Twilight Check-in – only in Riga.
  • Airport Check-in.

What are the check-in deadlines for checking-in at an airBaltic desk?

In order to complete all formalities, passengers must arrive at the airport early enough. airBaltic recommends arriving at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight departure. Passengers are still welcome to check in at the airport, but a €10 fee may apply.

The check-in deadline at Riga airport is 40 minutes for Economy Class passengers and 30 minutes for Business Class passengers. The check-in deadlines also apply for baggage drop-off.

For departures from airports other than Riga, the check-in deadlines vary between 30 and 45 minutes before departure, with the following exceptions:

  • Baku and Tbilisi – 60 minutes before departure.
  • Tel Aviv – 150 minutes before departure.

Passengers' presence at the boarding gate is required at least 25 minutes before the flight departure.

Online Check-in

Online Check-in is free of charge and available from 72 hours up to 1 hour prior to the departure of the flight from most airports served by airBaltic. There are certain categories of passengers to whom Online Check-in is not available:

• Passengers with reduced mobility. • Passengers who have booked medical assistance.
• Passengers traveling with pets. • Passengers using the Unaccompanied Minor Service.
• Passengers transporting a cello. • Passengers who have booked an extra seat.
• Passengers on charter flights. • Passengers with identical name and surname in one booking.

Passengers can check in for both inbound and return flights at the same time only if there are no more than 24 hours between the flights. You can send the boarding pass to your email. The online boarding pass should be printed out in PDF format that you will have to present before the security check and at the boarding gate. If Mobile Check-in is available, you can use the attached QR code on your smartphone or mobile device instead of a printed boarding pass.

If traveling with hand luggage only, you can proceed directly to the gate via security. If you have baggage to check in, you can do so at the baggage drop-off counter at Riga airport or at the Economy class check-in counter at other airports free of charge.

Mobile Check-in

Mobile Check-in is available starting from 72 hours up to 1 hour prior to departure, via or the airBaltic iPhone app (using a phone or tablet) for most airBaltic flights. Mobile Check-in is available for groups of up to 9 people traveling together. Mobile Check-in is not available for the same categories of passengers for whom Online Check-in is not available.

The system will generate mobile boarding passes (QR codes) for each passenger that will have to present them all during the boarding process. After completing Mobile Check-in successfully, you will have several options to obtain your boarding pass:

  • Open the mobile boarding pass on your mobile device.
  • Send the mobile boarding pass to your email – you will receive an online boarding pass (PDF) and a mobile boarding pass (QR code).
  • Retrieve the mobile boarding pass via before the security check or at the gate.
  • Save the mobile boarding pass (QR code) on your device as an image (JPG), so that there is no need for an internet connection at the airport.

Kiosk Check-in

For flights departing from Riga, you can print your boarding pass at one of the self-check-in kiosks located in the departure hall. The check-in deadline when using a self-check-in kiosk is the same with the check-in deadline of your flight. The use of the self-check-in kiosk and baggage drop-off counter, if you have baggage to check, are free of charge.

Kiosk Check-in is available for all airBaltic passengers, with the exception of passengers traveling to countries that require passenger passport data to be provided by the airline before departure (the United Kingdom) and passenger categories for whom Online Check-in is not available.

Twilight Check-in

For flights departing from Riga, you can use the Twilight Check-in service that allows passengers to check in for a flight and drop off their luggage from 7pm to 10pm on the day before the scheduled departure. This allows you to go straight to security control and on to your departure gate on the day of departure.

Airport Check-in

When checking in at an airBaltic desk, a €10 airport check-in fee applies. The airport check-in fee is not applicable to the following passenger categories:

  • Business and Economy Elite class passengers.
  • Passengers who purchased Priority check-in.
  • Passengers who have already used a self-check-in option.
  • Passengers departing from destinations where Online Check-in is not available.
  • Passengers for whom no self-check-in option is available.
  • Passengers who travel with an infant (0-24 months).
  • Passengers who travel as part of a group reservation (G class).
  • PINS VIP members (a PINS membership card has to be presented).
  • Passengers who travel on codeshare flights operated by airBaltic if the ticket has been issued by another airline (flight numbers BT5000-9999).

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