Volar con mascotas en airberlin

Are pets allowed on airberlin flights?

airberlin transports pets in the passenger cabin or in the hold, in a controlled area of the aircraft. You can carry your pet in the cabin or as a checked baggage, depending on the pet's weight and size, and in a proper kennel or pet container.

Are there any restrictions and requirements regarding transportation of pets?

No pets are allowed on flights to/from the United Kingdom, Ireland and Iceland. Depending on the itinerary, in some countries, there may be different restrictions applicable to the entry or exit of animals. It is your responsibility to ensure that all legal requirements and restrictions are met.

The airline doesn't transport any kind of reptiles, and, if you are planning to fly with birds or rodents, you must contact the Service Center since some regulations apply.

You can add your cat or dog to your booking online or through airberlin's Service Center. It is not possible to transport pets if you have a booking in the JustFly fare category. For the other fare categories, you must add your pet to your booking at least 48 hours before the flight's departure. The carriage of animals is subject to approval by airberlin.

When you fly with your pet on airberlin flights, you will need some documentation that assures your pet's health. The documentation needed will depend on your destination. As a general guideline, the most common documents you will need are:

  • A microchip or readable tattoo.
  • Your pet's vaccination certificates (especially rabies).
  • A certificate emitted by a veterinary where the microchip or tattoo number has been entered.

Pets in Cabin

In the cabin, it is allowed to transport cats and dogs provided that the total weight (pet plus kennel) does not exceed 6 kg. All pets must be carried in a leak-proof and escape-proof enclosed container. The maximum dimensions the pet carrier should have to be allowed in the cabin are 55 x 40 x 20 cm. The animal must be in its kennel at all times. The kennel must provide adequate ventilation and have enough space as to allow the pet to stand in a normal position and be able to lie down.

Due to safety reasons, passengers traveling with pets must make a reservation for window seats and must keep the pet under the seat in front of them. Due to the structure of the seats, it is not possible to carry pets in the Business Class cabin. Also, you are not allowed to occupy a seat located next to emergency exits.


For pets traveling in the cabin on short-haul or medium-haul flights, you must pay a fee of € 30. If traveling on a long-haul flight with your pet, you must pay a fee of € 100 or $ 140.

Pets in the Hold

If your pets plus its travel crate weigh more than 6 kg, the pet must be transported in the hold in a proper pet carrier with water/feed containers, which must not be filled during the flight. For the carriage of pets in the hold, the maximum dimensions of a dog or cat carrier are 125 x 75 x 85 cm (LxWxH). The pet carrier with the pet inside must not exceed 70 kg.


For pets traveling in the hold on short-haul or medium-haul flights, the fee to pay is € 75, and, when traveling on long-haul flights, the fee to pay is € 150 or $ 200.

Assistance Animals

Transportation of assistance dogs or therapy dogs is allowed in the cabin free of charge. Assistance Dogs don't need to travel in a pet carrier, but they must stay at the passenger's seat and must behave in a calmly manner, at all times. As for all pets traveling on airberlin flights, you must provide the required documents (vaccination and health certificates, animal passport, and others).

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