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Asiento 12a
Origen Toronto-Lester B. Pearson International (YYZ)
Para Boston-Logan International (BOS)
Paid a bit extra for the preferred seating, to be sure I got a window. Also great leg room. would defintiely sit here again.
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Asiento 60A
Origen Toronto-Lester B. Pearson International (YYZ)
Para Richmond-Vancouver Intl (YVR)
For a newly designed plane I was surprised that the seats very narrow and legroom limited compared to older planes. I am 6'3" and 210lbs and I was unable to stretch both feet out at the same time. I took the advice of a previous reviewer at changed my seat to 60A as there were 2 seats rather than 3 in the outside row. I had more shoulder room as I could lean to one side can't imagine 5 hours in a row with 10 seats across.
The entertainment system was much improved. Not sure that I would book another flight on this plane if I knew in advance the type of plane I would be in. I understand the business side of getting 448 people on a plane but unfortunately I think this plan back-fired.
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Asiento 23K
Origen Richmond-Vancouver Intl (YVR)
Para Hong Kong-Hong Kong International (HKG)
This is by far the WORST Air Canada long-haul plane I've ever experienced. I was in Economy class in 23K on the way down, and then I upgraded to Business Class on the way back, so have experienced both.

Economy high density class is absolutely horrific, specially if you are over 5'10 or so, or weigh more than 170. There simply is no room for your legs, arms or shoulder, you can only compare the experience to charter cheapo airlines.

In addition, due to cramming so many seats into the Econ, there's less lavatories (long line-ups), no duty free onboard (no room), not enough room for carryon, and very poor service with long waits for food. Carryon bins were full half way through the boarding and it was chaos trying to fit your stuff. Forget about bringing 2 bags or jacket with you expecting it to fit overhead, meaning you need to keep those in your tiny seat further making it less comfortable.

Lastly, while the new entertainment units are nicer than before but since you have so little room the screen is almost in your face if the seat reclines making it hard to watch.

On the way back from HKG, I paid up and got the Business Class (can't remember the seat#, it was window). While obviously it is a much improved seat versus Econ, the layout, and setup is horrendous for a business class charging thousands. The seat is so uncomfortable in any seating position you try to constantly adjust it, your knee hits the side of the seat, and if you get unlucky and get a window seat, you literally must climb over the passenger next to you to get out, are you kidding me? Further, due to more seats cramped the service is suffered compared to regular 777, 330, or 767.

Overall, I would avoid this plane at all costs! Even if you are shorter or petite, the lack of carryon space, long line-up at lavatories, poor service, no duty free, long onboarding, and very poor business class makes this a very poor plane to travel long distance on, although I have no experience with Premium Economy.
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Asiento 15A
Origen Calgary, AB-Calgary International Airport (YYC)
Para Montreal-Montréal-pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL)
Lots of legroom, route map was showing error on my monitor, couldn't check the flight data, but I was able to see it on the screen of seat 14C in front of me. Otherwise, good experience.
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Asiento 22A
Origen Toronto-Lester B. Pearson International (YYZ)
Para Denver
Confortable, enough space for my carry on bag. Movies a bit outdated.
Person in front kept changing seat recline.
Nothing complimentary. Long lines for Bathroom therefore did not use.
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Asiento 18D
Origen Toronto-Lester B. Pearson International (YYZ)
Para Newark-Newark Liberty International (EWR)
This was my first time being on Embraer 175 flight from Toronto to NJ. Can't say much but it was fantastic travelling in this aircraft. Redesigned seats, personal TV monitor, nice leg room, and above all, the overhead bins can take a good size hand carry small suit case. The PA system is marvelous - so crisp and so clear. I wish I had couple of more hours on this flight.
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Asiento 61A
Origen London-London Heathrow (LHR)
Para Richmond-Vancouver Intl (YVR)
The seat benefits from being in a 2 rather than 3 at the rear of the aircraft. There is a large space between the seat and window which is useful for storing a small bag and keeps the space under the seat infront free for legroom. The seats are narrow on the new high density 777 and would be a tight fit for larger passengers. Legroom isn't great but I had no issue being 6ft in this seat. The downside of being sat so far back is that you get served last with food and drink and in my case there was only the vegetarian meal left when the meal service got to my seat. Seat back inflight entertainment was good and had USB point.
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Asiento 2A
Origen San Francisco, CA-San Francisco International (SFO)
Para Toronto-Lester B. Pearson International (YYZ)
I had upgraded to Air Canada's Executive class and It was well worth it. Very nice flight crew. Extra legroom due to a cutout in the bulkhead. Great selection of movies and shows. Food was great too.
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Asiento 18G
Origen Edmonton, AB-Edmonton International (YEG)
Para Toronto-Lester B. Pearson International (YYZ)
Won't travel on this plane again. Observations:
If you are over 6" and weigh more than 200lbs, you will not fit in economy. Entire layout is designed for 5"11 & under 180lbs. Which is curious because the head room is ~10-11ft - crazy. You can stand comfortably if your 6'8, but can't sit. Another oddity; the overhead bin does not accommondate carry on's that are 1CM over lentgh minimums. Mine is .5CM (measured) over published Air Canada minimums and would not fit in overhead bin, even though on all Airbus, Embraer, Bombardier models the carry on fits fine. Ridiculous. Not sure on other rows, but the touch button control of lights etc. is on the inside of the armrest so rest assured your leg will often trigger lights on/off inadvertantly. Saw others with controls on the armrest itself (top) and heard complaints. If comfort/practicality are important, avoid this model.
-lighting is good in cabin
-head room
-premium economy looks tolerable - not sure on $$
-business class loses the pods - still looks ok, not sure re impact on overseas/overnight
-engines are quiet and have a distinct hum
-capacity - 458, should allow more to travel at time/route of choice

Bottom line, not comfortable/useless economy, woudl avoid flying it again (Air Canada 77W-300ER-3 Cabin Configuration, unless i was in Premium Economy or First Class.
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Asiento #NA
Origen Toronto
Para Munich
My partner and I flew this plane on Air Canada from Toronto to Munich and back again. The flight to Munich, we were in seats 18J&K and on the way back we were ... um ... upgraded to 12A&C.

You can clearly see this is an attempt to add more per-flight profit just by virtue of increasing the number of seats. Unfortunately, this means a few things for passengers: First Class features fewer seats meaning those seeking a Status upgrade are less likely to be successful. Premium Economy gets you the First Class food, but not the wine & liquor selection - and is only really worth the extra expense if you get seats A, C, H or K ... D, E, F, G are not really worth it in my opinion. The seats are more comfortable (mind you, I'm 5'6" so the overhead bin would be comfortable for me) than Economy, but the middle row still seemed crammed. Economy ... was ... just ... terrible. Even for a shorter guy like me, I was uncomfortable for the duration of the seven hour flight - my heart went out to the guy beside me who was easily over 6'.

Unfortunately, the additional seats do not mean additional storage for carry on - so the overhead bins fill up VERY quickly.

On the plus side, there seems to be an upgrade of the entertainment equipment and the front-row seats have a much better piece of folding hardware. The screen can be tilted more freely now when you unfold it from your seat to get a better viewing experience. Plus it is touchscreen.

Overall, my experiences on this plane had me lamenting for when flying was part of the joy of travelling. What was once Economy is now Premium Economy (sort of), being loyal to one carrier gets you less in-flight perks and those with the foresight of travelling light find themselves unrewarded for their courtesy.
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