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OrigenBrisbane - Brisbane International (BNE)
ParaNadi - Nadi International (NAN)
Excellent service in all aspects. Highly recommended.
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OrigenBrisbane - Brisbane International (BNE)
Looked like a great seat BUT it is the ONLY window seat without a window! Very disappointed because we also booked this seat on return flight.
On flight over audio was not working.
On flight home I sat bolt upright in 19B (next to wife) as seat recline would not work. Hard to get comfortable.
Legroom adequate. Service very ordinary - still waiting to come back with a drink. Ran out of vegetarian dish (although everyone I saw had the chicken, no one had vegetarian). I had the chicken - like everyone else (not prepared for them to come back when everyone else had been served).
I am glad it was only a 3-4hr flight.
They need to pay more attention to the customer service and experience.
When are airlines going to enforce the cabin luggage requirements? They did weigh and tag our carry on luggage at bookin but heaps of large luggage made it onto plane.
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OrigenAdelaide - Adelaide International Airport (ADL)
ParaNadi - Nadi International (NAN)2
We thought we would spoil ourselves and fly on our first family holiday overseas on business class.
Less than satisfied.
Uncomfortable, well worn seats.
Good leg room.

Entertainment a joke, an IPAD! Dirty, cover that was old and tacky and didnt work properly.
Drink good.
Food nice but I expected better.
I wanted a certain dish that was offered on the menu to be told " We only have 2 of them". So didnt get it.
Staff were not overly happy.
Was surprised that when we went to land there was still food not picked up and they didnt even check if we had our seat belts on!
I looked up and they were putting their seat belt on!
We had a glass break near my 8 year old who knocked it of whilst sleeping and it broke. It was sitting there most of the flight.
Staff less than helpful and quite grumpy.
Would not fly business class with this airline ever again and would not recommend to anyone.

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OrigenMelbourne - Melbourne International Airport (MLB)
ParaNadi - Nadi International (NAN)
This is really just a premium economy type seat .
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OrigenNadi - Nadi International (NAN)
ParaBrisbane - Brisbane International (BNE)
Exit row seat with decent leg room. The aircraft was a little tired but was still comfortable enough for a 4 hour flight. Would recommend rows 23 or 24 on this aircraft for extra legroom and space (at additional cost) but the regular economy rows are not too squishy either. Great cabin service.
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OrigenNadi - Nadi International (NAN)
ParaLos Angeles - Los Angeles International (LAX)
Service is smiling and friendly. Business class was less than half full so it was extra pleasant.

The blankets they provide are an almost full twin-size comforter. Long enough and a nice weight. Amenity kit had toothbrush, earplugs, sleep mask and socks.

The welcome drink was good, they offer plenty of bottled Fiji water throughout the flight.

The seat is all automatically controlled with buttons in the armrest. The seat lowers and moves within a shell so there is no impact to anyone else around you from your seat being down. There are a million ways to lower or recline the seat but in the most "flat" position, the leg rest rises from the seat and fills the foot well in front of you. It is not flat and at times I felt like I was sliding down, but near the end of the flight I realized there was a foot rest I could have popped out to prevent sliding. There is plenty of leg room and you are not permitted to stow bags under the seat in front of you during takeoff and landing so empty what you need into all the storage cubbies available.

The TV is controlled by a remote control in the armrest. VERY fast compared to Air Canada's touch screen system.

I'd avoid the first row of Business as you have the lights from the galley and noise from the galley. Yes, there is a curtain but the every time someone uses the lav the lights shine on you or they bump you when they walk past. 4K worried me a bit on paper because I thought there might be reduced seat mobility in the last row but it ended up being great.
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