Maletas y equipaje de mano en Helvetic Airways

What is Helvetic Airways’ policy on hand baggage allowance?

Due to limited space and for their security, passengers are allowed to carry with them only a limited amount of hand baggage. In Economy Class, only one carry-on bag per passenger with a seat is allowed. The carry-on bag must weigh up to 5 kg, and its measurements must not exceed 55 x 40 x 20 cm.

In addition, each passenger may also bring on board a laptop bag or a handbag.

What is Helvetic Airways policy on checked baggage allowances?

Every passenger, except infants, has the right to check in for free 23 kg of checked baggage. As for size, any piece of checked baggage must not exceed maximum dimensions of 203 cm.

Excess Baggage

The carriage of excess baggage (i.e. baggage over the free baggage allowance) is subject to additional fees. Excess baggage is charged at a rate of CHF 15 per kg for each segment.

You can increase your baggage allowance up to 24 hours before departure and save up to 65%:

  • Up to 32 kg – CHF 80 per passenger and flight.
  • Up to 46 kg – CHF 150 per passenger and flight.

The purchase of additional baggage allowance is available online or through the Service Centre, on all 3-digit Helvetic Airways flight numbers, but not for Olbia, Ohrid, Pristina, Shannon, and Skopje.

The fixed fee must be paid by credit card and cannot be refunded if your bags weigh less than expected when checking in. If the bags weigh more than the purchased baggage allowance at check-in, you must pay the usual fee for excess baggage (CHF 15 per kg).

Sports Equipment

Sports equipment (not including bikes) will be carried at no extra charge provided that you do not exceed your baggage allowance.

If the baggage allowance is exceeded, you will be charged a maximum of CHF 60 per item of sports equipment up to 23 kg and 150 cm length.

Sports equipment up to 32 kg and 150 – 210 cm length, such as surfboards or bodyboards, must be reserved in advance and will be subject to an additional charge of CHF 120 per item and flight segment. For transporting sports equipment longer than 210 cm, you must contact Helvetic Airways Service Centre. Transporting sports equipment longer than 280 cm is only possible upon request.

For the carriage of bicycles, Helvetic Airways will charge an additional fee of CHF 60 per item and flight segment.

Baggage Services

Helvetic is liable only for damage occurring on its own flights. Damage must be immediately notified to a Helvetic agent at the destination airport. If the damage is noticed after leaving the airport, a damage report must be created within 7 days of arrival.

If, for some reason, the baggage of a passenger does not reach the destination on the same aircraft, the passenger must pick up the baggage from the airport. Delivery to the residential address of the passenger is only done on request and upon payment of a separate fee.

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