Mapa de asientos Aer Lingus Boeing B757 200 – Plano del avión

Seat map for Aer Lingus Boeing B757 200

Detalles de asientos

Class Tono Ancho asientos
Business Class 60" 22" 12
Economy Class 31" 18" 165

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Asiento 24B
Origen Washington, DC - Washington Dulles International (IAD)
Para Dublin - Dublin (DUB)
24B is actually the Exit row seat (shown on the plan as row 23)
Great amount of legroom allowing you to stretch out during the flight. The seat was a little narrow but didn't cause a problem for myself...a larger size traveler may be uncomfortable.
Very close to the toilets on board (3 of) so people do congregate around the area. (Didn't cause too much of a problem but can be busy at certain times)
The plane is small for a transatlantic flight and this flight was extremely full with only 1 or 2 seats spare.
Food was OK quality (and served quickly) Took a long time to be cleared away though.
As this was an exit row you cannot store any belongings at all on the floor or watch the entertainment system during take off or landing. (This didn't bother me but some flyers like to watch the screens for the full flight)
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Asiento 06B
Origen New York-John F Kennedy Intl(JFK)
Para Dublin-Dublin(DUB)
I think this plane is a bit small for transatlantic travel, but it was actually better than I expected. I am not fond of sitting in seats where you can't stow any luggage in front of you, as were these exit row seats, because it's not convenient to retrieve things during travel, and because the seats are slightly narrower due to having the tray tables in the armrest. I would probably try the "more room" seats in row 4 next time. We paid extra for the "upgrade" meal and it was a very generous amount of food (too much, actually!), and very tasty. Would probably do it again for dinner, but I think it's too much food for lunch. Staff was friendly and attentive.
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Asiento 23e
Origen Boston - Logan International (BOS)
Para Shannon - Shannon (SNN)
Aer Lingus shows the row as emergency row aft of the restrooms. Close, but instead it's a non-reclining row just forward of the lavatories.

Comfortable if you're small or have a small neighbor. A pain if the seat in front reclines but s gentle request usually helps.

We had the Asian vegetarian special meal and it was very good.

Overall, not a bad flight - if sleepless. On the positive side we should have the exit row on our return
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Asiento 5f
Origen Shannon - Shannon (SNN)
Para New York - John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)
"A great seat!"
A decent amount of legroom compared to other seats, it was enjoyable not having anyone in front of me. I loved having a movable monitor and a size adjustable tray. (Both come from your arm rest). I highly recommend choosing this seat. One problem, all of the seats on this aircraft don't recline a great amount.
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Asiento 19d
Origen Boston - Logan International (BOS)
Para Shannon - Shannon (SNN)
Seats were so tight it was uncomfortable for a transatlantic flight. Whenever the person in front reclined I could hardly get out of my seat. Food good service was very good. Biggest problem was seating being too small and too close.
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Asiento 8D
Origen Dublin-Dublin (DUB)
Para Minsk-Minsk International 2 (MSQ)
Big plane but me aerway so good
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