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Business 11
Economy 88

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Aeromexico’s subsidiary, Aeromexico Connect, operates a fleet of 39 Embraer ERJ 145 jets, with no new expected to arrive in the near future. These planes feature leather seats and are used on domestic routes, as well as to serve various destinations in the United States.
With a length of 36.24 m and a wingspan of 28.72 m, the Embraer ERJ 190 is capable of a cruising speed of 890 km/h. Its maximum range is 3,334 km (depending on configuration, it can go as far as 4,448 km) and its service ceiling 12,500 m/41,000 ft.
On these planes, entertainment options are rather limited, including environmental music at boarding and disembarking, 10 music channels and complimentary headphones, the airline magazine Escala and Gran Plan, a duty free catalog on some international flights, as well as complimentary newspapers on flights departing from the airline’s focus cities or hubs.
On short-haul flights, Aeromexico offers sweet breads and cookies in the morning, and light snacks on afternoon and evening flights.

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Asiento 12D
Origen MMMX
The wondows is to far away, and when the plane is taking off there is a loud noise due to the emergency exit. The good thing is that tou have a long armrest, and an excellent legroom.
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3.5 de 5
Asiento 16B
Origen AICDMX Benito Juarez
Para San Jose Del Cabo - Los Cabos (SJD)
Los asientos de piel son muy cómodos, tal vez el problema está en el espacio para las piernas. Pero por lo general es cómodo.
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3 de 5
Asiento 5b
Origen Mexico City-Internacional Benito Juarez (MEX)
Para Puerto Vallarta-Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International (PVR)
The best seat, even better than business. You have extra legroom. Best seat for tall people.
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3.5 de 5
Asiento 04A
Origen Mexico City - Internacional Benito Juarez (MEX)
Para Torreon - Francisco Sarabia (TRC)
Very good seat, excellent for less than 4 hrs flights.
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4 de 5
Asiento 17A
Origen Mty
Para Las Vegas - Mc Carran Intl (LAS)
Very Nice Airplane
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