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3.5 de 5
Asiento 34H
Origen Los Angeles - Los Angeles International (LAX)
Para Beijing - Beijing Capital Int. (PEK)
This bulkhead seat had plenty of legroom, and you could put your bag on the floor to rest your feet on it. However there is no storage for the bag under the seat in front (because there is no seat in front!) so you may have to store your carry on far away. This seat has solid sides that store the screen and tray table. The proximity to the bathroom was not too distracting but definitely noticeable. Also the adjacent exit row seats had so much room in front that people would use that area to stretch their legs during this very long flight. The food was nice and there were 2 meals with a good quality food, one about an hour into the flight, and one about 2.5 hours before landing. The flight attendants were friendly and efficient. The in-flight entertainment screen was built into the seat and the headphones provided were OK but not great . It was hard for me to hear the movies. There was a screen on the bulkhead that showed informative movies and also the flight tracker. I liked the seated Yoga film that came on a couple hours before landing, and the informative movies about silks and pandas and other Chinese history.
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4.5 de 5
Asiento 37L
Origen Beijing-Beijing Capital Int. (PEK)
Para Frankfurt-Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)
Best point: any seat group (two for tree seats) in economy has a 230V power supply (good for EU and US plug)
Good points: Comfortable seat with enough leg room, only the video box narrows a bit.
The whole passenger area very clean and well maintained (incl. toilet).
Friendly and helpful staff.
In-flight entertainment was good, only the 3D map was not available.
Food was OK, but I missed the Chinese taste (even it was made in China)
No annoying “shopping mall” (duty free) like other airlines do (LH)
Points to improve: to many extreme loud (if you use your ear-phone watching a movie at low volume) announcements. Some are required but half of them are unnecessary.
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5 de 5
Asiento 37C
Origen Frankfurt-Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)
Para Beijing-Beijing Capital Int. (PEK)
Flew from FRA to PEK in March, 2013.
A very clean and modern aircraft, everything neat and tidy, staff helpful, water service during the whole flight on galleys and after the dinner the flight attendant very unnoticeably but constantly serviced passengers with water.
Seats are quite comfortable with in-flight-entertainment system and enough leg space.

Food served was good enough, and as mentioned before, drinks always available.

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3.5 de 5
Asiento 34B
Origen Beijing - Beijing Capital Int. (PEK)
Para Paris - Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
Very comfortable seat with the possibility of completely extending its legs. Retractable shelf a little narrow; Close to the toilets so a bit of passage; I thought it was a bit noisy (because close to the emergency door?)
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3.5 de 5
Asiento 50L
Origen Beijing - Beijing Capital Int. (PEK)
Para Frankfurt - Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)
Nice seat for an all-night flight. A bit shaking while engines were starting, but otherwise I liked it. The only issue - only seat back reclined, but seat itself didn't move forward the same time.
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4.5 de 5
Asiento 17A
Origen Beijing-Beijing Capital Int. (PEK)
Para London-London Heathrow (LHR)
Seat reclines 180 degrees. I was able to sleep comfortably during the flight. It will be difficult if passenger have huge legs as seat narrows towards the feet when seat is flat.
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