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Seat map for Air France Boeing B777 300 Long-Haul International 468PAX

Detalles de asientos

Class Tono Ancho asientos
Business 61.0 21.5 14
Alize 36.0 18.0 36
Economy (Voyageur) 32.0 17.0 438

Presentación general

As of December 2010, the Air France’s fleet operated 31 Boeing B 777-300ER aircrafts, with additional ones expected to arrive in the near future. They were introduced in the 1980’s as the first wide-bodied craft able to fly long distances. They have the longest range of the Air France fleet, being endowed with powerful engines. This variant comes in three layouts, this being one of them, used on routes to Caribbean and Indian Ocean.
With a length of 73,9 m (242 ft) m and a wingspan of 64.8 m (212 ft), the Boeing B777-300ER is capable of a cruising speed of 560 mph/905 km/h. Its maximum range is 17,370 km (10,856 mi). The service ceiling of this aircraft is 43,100 ft (13,140 m).
Business class passengers have noise-reducing headsets, a 10.4” interactive video screen featuring a selection of films and news broadcasts, a power outlet and individual telephone. The lie flat seats have a massage function and optical fiber reading lamp. Seats recline up to 131º. There are individual screens for Economy class passengers. Some people complain about noise from the Economy section. On some destinations, Tempo classes offer outlets for your laptop computer.
Appropriate food (including breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner) and drink (non-alcoholic and alcoholic) are offered.

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3.5 de 5
Asiento 58L
Origen Paris-Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
Para Cancun-Cancún International (CUN)
My seat was the last one by the window 58A. I found it confortable. there is a gap between it and the cabin wall, which means you can not lean against the window, but you can store a small bag, cushion blanket bottle of water books in this space, which is quite convenenient.
Bad point across the aisle there is a bathroom (by58K). Notice that on the other side 58C the is no bathroom but the access dor to the upper cabin crew rest (so less disturbing) I would recommend any seat arranged by 2, from row 55 to 58.
OK it is a the very back of the plane, but anyway if you book a Luggage, you will have to wait for it at Luggage claim, so no hurry to disembark !
the pich is 31-32 I am 5,9foot or 1.76m, and I felt confy. this last row can fully RECLINE and no one is behing you, so after take of just relax and strech.I could cross my legs once the seat fully reclined.
Good point in a way. you are close to the galley. on those flight the crew is only 1 flight attendant for 55 passengers. so expecially during their rest it is difficult to get an extra drink at your seat (1 F/A on duty for 110 pax) at least if you call the F/A has only 2 meters walk to serve you if the person next to you is sleeping.
You got also during the flight between the 2 meals, a soft drink cart, and some snacks for flight over 11 hours on self service.
I noticed also that it is enough far enough from the galley not to be disturd by it's activities. Also the is a wall just behing the row 58 and it does protect from the noise.
on this kind of "vacation flights" Cancun, Montreal, Bangkok, Caribean, Indian Ocean. on the 77W high density, there is no 1rst drink service before the hot meal. But on your tray you will find a little bottle of punch (cocktail) and some salty snacks to go with.
As well as a bottle of red wine and one of water. you can deny it or change for over drinks of course. no digestif (cognac for ex) after the meal tho. but i do not care.
The quality of the main dish was exellent (1 choice only because "vacation" flight but you can order online a meal regarding your health or religion) you can also order (till 24H before flight)for FREE a fish meal. or veg, or better Indian meal or Indian vegetarian (I did it once and was exellent for the French man I am)
Also very good quantities (1 appetizer of quinoa, taboule and smoked salmon) hot meal was creamy chicken with rice, brocoli, and green beans. 1 slice of camembert president. 1 fresh apple crumble. 1 nice yougourt. (so 3 drinks on the tray, as well as 6 different tasty food elements)
Overall an exellent flight with very buys but friendly nice crew, loved my seat too.
I didn't expect such a GOOD and confy flight at all !
Will post about other seat in this plane.
Have nice flights hope my review helped.
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4 de 5
Asiento 5L
Origen Cancun-Cancún International (CUN)
Para Paris-Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
First row of premium econmy.
You have PLENTY of leg room between the seat and the business class partition.
I could during the flight store a small travel bad to raise my feet up. As well as the seat has leg rest on all rows, it doesn-t have foot reston the first row. I arranged mine (not during take off and landing as well as turbulences.
You have 1 flight attendant for 32 pax (she was very professional kind and smiling lady.
the meal compared to Y is upgraded, with 1 drink service before the main meal. 2 hot dish choice, silver and china ware real glasses real napkin and table ware. extra funny "cone" with quality chocolates and sweats and extra towelette. After meal digestifs (cognac and so). Which makes 9 food elements for the main meal. very good quality.
Only bad point the seat doesn't recline really but slides into its own shell. the seat paddings are quite hard and angles no more than 123 degres. But Air France is upgrading (with time) the paddings Hopefully soon.I Always bring a small flat pillow with me on long flight in Y o Y+ to avoid this lack of padding confort or I use extra blanket !
Over all great flight great crew, great food, confy flight.
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3.5 de 5
Asiento 55E
Origen Cayenne
Para Paris Orly
Worst flight of my life -maybe I am judging with severity, but we all say that when we have a bad experience-. Actually my seat number was 50E, but it is equivalent to 55E in the present configuration (i do not know why) Lot of noise and strange abnormal vibrations at the tail all the way long. I could not use the audio of the entertainment system as there was so much noise. Curiously, I could overheard through my seat companion headphones as, I supposed, she had to set the maximum volume on.
I am sure, from a colleague opinion who has done this route with the same aircraft several times, that other more front seats do not suffer from noise and vibration problems.
I do not know what kind of quality tests they have done (could be a design problem of boeing b777-300?) but the vibration, as if someone were beating with a hammer, on my back was unbearable -and it was present for 8 hours-. I had to damper the noise with the provided headphones.
The aircrew was charming and the food was as bad as usual.
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3 de 5
Asiento 54C
Origen Paris-Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
Para Cancun-Cancún International (CUN)
This seat is frequently bumped by food carts, and people walking in the aisle.
54C & 54J As due to the curvature of the fuselage, it as almost 1 inch less for leg space,
the armrest does NOT raise on the aisle side.

I COULD CHANGE TO 58L, and had a great flight see my review here.
I check during my round trip all the Y seats on first and last rows as well as the ones by emergency doors.
I really hope all my comments about this version of the 77W could help you have a nicer flight.
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3 de 5
Asiento 10A
Origen Cancun-Cancún International (CUN)
Para Paris-Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
Beware that there is a galley partition in front of all row 10. Even on the ABC and JKL row.
Those seats are narrower due to the table and screen located in the armrest which makes your seat about 16,5 inches.
Windows are missing and missaligned by 10 A and 10L. So you loose extra elbow space of 3"or 7.5 cm. AS WELL AS ROW 30a AND 30l AND 45A AND 45L.
Row 10 has bassinets by the windows and center seats. So you might be disturd or relocated for family with babies.
There is not extra space for your legs, except may be 10C & 10J.
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4.5 de 5
Asiento 8H
Origen Lima - Jorge Chavez International (LIM)
Para Paris - Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
I had the surprise of an upgrade from Economy to this seat. I didn't notice it in the check-in desk.
I don't know why in the seat map is in red because the usability and the space for legs is the same as in rows 6 and 7.
The only problem I see is that yor left leg crosses with the support of the front row and you cannot put it in some positions.
Apart from that, the flyght was confortable because the neighbour in the seat 8F didn't appear and nobody bothered me while sleeping.
The attention of the crew (2 for 32 passengers) was unbeatable.
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3 de 5
Asiento 45A
Origen Paris-Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
Para Cancun-Cancún International (CUN)
Do not choose this seat !!!
on this version 10 seats accros the seat are already narrow. 17,2 inches. usually you can the space of the curved windows to had 3 inches or 7.5cm to your seat width. BUT there is a straight wall there next to the door. so you loose those 3 inches (7.5cm)more over the emergency slide takes space by 15 inches on 1 side. the tray table and movie screen is in the armrest. it makes the seat VERY NARROW about 16.5 "!
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3.5 de 5
Asiento 5a
Origen Santo Domingo - Las Americas (SDQ)
Para Paris - Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
Premium Eco seats are definitively better than the horrible 10 seats rows in a 777 eco. The hard shell prevents you from kicks of the passenger behind and gives a little privacy though it sacrifies a bit reclining. Most important is a suffcient width. 5a has a bit more pitch. Reclining of the seat in front is unimportant due to the hard shell. Seat not smaler due to table.
Went SDQ-CDG. Service very friendly. Food forget France, just simple eco meals.
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1.5 de 5
Asiento 11B
Origen Paris-Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
Para Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi International(BKK)
This was the worst flight of my life. The leg room was so terrible, and the seat was so narrow, i was in pain. Babies where crying the whole flight. 500 people with 2 engines. A disaster waiting to happen. Plus the flight took an extra long route to bangkok, making a big detour from the ussual route. Avoid this plane if you can.
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3.5 de 5
Asiento #NA
Origen Paris - Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
Para San Francisco, CA - San Francisco International (SFO)
Everything was perfect, the only annoying problem was the very narrow seat, coupd not having the meal without keep bumping the passenger on my right and on my left
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