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Hibiscus Business Class 8
Economy Class 138

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As of August 2009, the Air Calin fleet had one operational Airbus A320-232 aircraft.
With a length of almost 38 m and a wingspan of 34 m, the Airbus A320-232 is capable of a cruising speed of 828 km/h/511 mph at 11,000 m/36,000 ft. Its maximum range is 5,900 km/3,700 mi, its service ceiling 12,000 m/39,000 ft, and maximum speed 871 km/h/537 mph at 11,000 m/36,000 ft.
The company offers a gourmet French meal, comprising an entrée, a choice of two main courses with a variety of vegetables, a selection of cheeses, a mixed salad and an assortment of desserts, accompanied by French wines. Passengers have access to a 110 volt plug to connect a portable computer or a DVD. Daily press and French and international magazines are available.

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Asiento 16E
Origen Sydney-Kingsford Smith(SYD)
Para Noumea-Tontouta (NOU)
I flew to Noumea on the QF361 codeshare (actual flight is SB141). The A320 seems to be getting a little old now, as the interior is tired. The economy seat is typical of any A320 I've been on.

AirCalin is a full service airline, so you get a full meal service on this 2 hour 50 minute flight. Qantas codeshare passengers are all placed between rows 14 and 20. I would have expected the cabin crew to speak at least some English given they were flying from Sydney, but apparently they did not (other than the CSM who did the announcements).

The meal was pasta with chicken and vegetables, a potato and turkey salad, some chocolate cake, a TimTam and a bread roll. You could have red or white wine, whiskey (unknown brand) and soft drink. The chicken and pasta was very untasty. It reminded me of the type of meals you used to get on long haul flights in the 80s and 90s. I didn't bother eating it, knowing once I got to Noumea I could have a nice French meal.

Entertainment is drop down screens.

If you are flying this route, try to go on one of the days it's operated by Qantas. At least you'll get a refurbished 767-300 or most likely a 737-800.
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3.5 de 5
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Asiento 2F
Origen Sydney-Kingsford Smith (SYD)
Para Noumea-Tontouta (NOU)
Plane is a bit aged (the A320's in the AirCalin fleet are 10+ yrs old) but still a comfortable experience. Food wasn't on-par with other international business class but it's a sub 3hr flight so suck it up.

Entertainment is a single screen for the cabin but there are about 12 audio channels (most in french). There's no english channel for the entertainment which is weird and you can't plug your own speakers into the sockets as they provide ready plugged in seinheisser headphones.

Everyone speaks french and everything is french on the plane... the plus side of that was the wines... I love a full-bodied cab sav so the 2008 margaux blend and a nice 2011 syrah which I forget the name of.
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Asiento 15A
Origen Auckland-Auckland International (AKL)
Para Noumea-Tontouta (NOU)
Two of us flew from Auckland to Noumea and then back again a week later on the A320. The staff were friendly and smiley. On the way over we received an enjoyable lunch meal of meat and veg etc. There wasn't any choice but it was pleasant and the drinks (except Champagne) are free. On the return journey we were given a big breakfast - pain au chocolate, fruit, omelette and bacon. Seats were normal - perfectly comfortable for the 3 hour flight. They do recline and have the regular amount of legroom. We would happily fly Air Calin again.
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