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Seat map for Alitalia Airlines - Air One Boeing B777 200ER

Detalles de asientos

Class Tono Ancho asientos
Business Class 46" 22" 30
Economy Plus 37-38" 19" 24
Economy Class 30-35" 17" 239

Presentación general

The B777-200s in the Alitalia fleet of 179 planes are used on intercontinental flights. These planes have a total seating capacity of 291 passengers in a two class layout. They cruise at a speed of 490 kts and have a range of 7000nm.
Magnifica class is the intercontinental business class and allows passengers to travel in more comfort. You can make calls charged at 10$/min, watch a film, documentary or the news, listen to a variety of music channels or read a newspaper on board.
In Unica economy class on intercontinental flights, passengers can watch a film, documentary or the news, listen to a range of music or make a phone call charged at 10$/min.

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Asiento 21J
Origen LAX
Para Rome
We took the same flight 2 years ago and were extremely uncomfortable for 12 hours. We were really afraid to try it again, but were very pleasantly surprised at the improvement. The plane appeared new compared to the old clunker we took 2 years ago. There was MUCH more legroom and seat width. The seats reclined much further at a better angle and were much softer and more comfortable. NO backache! They fed us 3 times on the way home and 2 or 3 times on the way there (I can't remember). The food was okay/adequate. I don't expect gourmet food on a plane. It was fine. The service was excellent. Everyone was cheerful and pleasant. There was a drink station set up with an ICE bucket, so you could get your own soft drinks, juice, and water when you wanted it. The entertainment system was pretty good. I found the music to be either to difficult for me to figure out or there just wasn't much to choose from There were plenty of movies and TV shows. The games were outdated. Check in in Rome took too long, but they got us through in time. The plane left 30 minutes late, but most planes don't leave on time, at least in my experience. Great flight overall. We travel a few times a year by plane for the last 20 years. Not frequent travelers, but a lot to compare this flight with.
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Asiento 31K
Origen LAX
Para Rome - Leonardo da Vinci International (FCO)
This row is actually an exit row; the seat width is a bit smaller and the armrests are immovable. The window seat(L) is a bit confining - This said, the seats were just fine for us, given that we had infinite leg room, and could get up at any time without bothering anyone. Also located by the bathroom, which was convenient, and we were not disturbed at any time. The TV was a small box that came out the left side of the armrest, and the tray table comes out of the arm rest also. The table was totally convenient. We did not watch TV, the screen was small and we were tired. The crew were very helpful and friendly. I do not hesitate to recommend this aircraft and airline.
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Asiento 25E
Origen BA
Para Rome
Unable to check-in in advance either via website or at the airport self service machines (customer service later told me this was because I had a connecting flight with another skyteam partner... even though the connecting flight had an AZ code).
Awful seat. The photos tell the story (and I am only 160cm / 5ft 3in) - how any airline can think it acceptable to have passengers sit with a metal box at their feet for over 13hours is beyond me.
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Asiento 22C
Origen FCO
Para JFK
This seat was just the average seal. Cloth not leather thin cushion bottom with descent recline for economy. This section of row has not window so it would be great for laying head and sleeping. Entertainment system was under seat A & B but there was not a 3rd leg separating making legroom OK in all 3 seats. Have to say Alitalia has the worse flight attendants I have ever encountered.
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Asiento 15K
Origen Rome-Leonardo da Vinci International(FCO)
Para New York-John F Kennedy Intl(JFK)
Row 16 is shown in red (beware) presumably because the seat doesn't recline fully. Actually, row 16 is the best row in Economy Plus. To recline, the seat back does not tilt back (and hit the bulkhead behind it), but instead the seat bottom slides forward. This method provides the increased tilt promised in Economy Plus and does not interfere with the row, or bulkhead behind it.
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Asiento 15L
Origen New York-John F Kennedy Intl(JFK)
Para Rome-Leonardo da Vinci International(FCO)
Row 15 is missing a window. Each of the three rows in Economy Plus have two windows except for row 15, which has only one.
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Asiento 17A
Origen Buenos Aires - Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini (EZE)
Para Roma - Roma (RMA)
El problema de todos los ansientos de ventanilla es esa molesta caja metálica que impide estirar las piernas. No se qué función cumple esa caja allí. Además tiene una alta temperatura, lo que hace menos confortable el viaje. El menu sin gluten no es bueno. Y tampoco hay colaciones libres de gluten.
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Asiento 28A
Origen Los Angeles-Los Angeles International (LAX)
Para Rome-Leonardo da Vinci International (FCO)
It was very hard to find a comfortable position with alitalias classica seat. With the flight being 12 hours the seat was very uncomfortable and the entertainment system was out of date but still worked which was ok. The recline seemed generous having flown so many domestic flights.
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Asiento 37A
Origen Buenos Aires - Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini (EZE)
Para Roma - Roma (RMA)
Economy class, narrow aisle, and spaces. Not plenty room for legs, in particular for a certain metallic box underneath the front seat. But, I managed to put one foot on each side of that box. Overall rate: 2/5
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Asiento 23D
Origen Rome-Leonardo da Vinci International (FCO)
Para New York-John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)
Alitalia SUCKS! The seats were uncomfortable, service was bad, food tasted like sand, and two people got in a fist fight on the plane so everyone got scared. Go Alitalia!
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