Mapa de asientos Asiana Airlines Airbus A380 800 – Plano del avión

Seat map for Asiana Airlines Airbus A380 800

Detalles de asientos

Class Tono Ancho asientos
First Suite 83" 22" 12
Business Smartium 74.5" 22.5" 66
Economy Class 32-33" 18.9" 417

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4.5 de 5
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Asiento 52G
Origen LAX
Para ICN
Noticeably more legroom than other trans-Pacific carriers. Even with a bag under the seat ahead, legs can still stretch out completely. While eating, I did not hit the seat ahead of me even once with my knees or anything else. The seat pocket holds quite a bit of extras but never impedes one's progress to the restroom. After 12 hours of flying, no cramping or limping to the arrivals hall. A pleasant flight indeed.
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5 de 5
0 Votos útiles
Asiento 8D
Origen Seoul - Incheon International (ICN)
Para Los Angeles - Los Angeles International (LAX)
On time departure. Comfortable seat with all of the electronics working. Excellent, friendly Flight crew! A true pleasure to fly this airline/airplane when on a 10+ flight. Food choices were good, with excellent preparation and service. I highly recommend this airline and configuration of this A380.
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4.5 de 5
2 Votos útiles
Asiento 16f
Origen Lax
Para Icn
The business class seat was good but could have been a bit wider.
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