Mapa de asientos China Airlines Airbus A340 300 – Plano del avión

Seat map for China Airlines Airbus A340 300

Detalles de asientos

Class Tono asientos
Dynasty Supreme 60 30
Economy 32 246

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3.5 de 5
Asiento 25D
Origen Amsterdam-Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS)
Para Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi International (BKK)
The outward journey I had seat 25D and the return journey I had seat 25G. My body height is 2.03m so I really needed the "bulkhead" seats. There are only 16 seats of this type so I had to check in very early. For the outward journey I could check in online but the return journey this did not work so I had to be very early at the check-in desk.

The airbus A340 looked a bit old and the inflight entertainment system looked/felt a bit outdated. Also on the return flight the front & bottom cam's did not work.

The seat width was not great and the seats where very close together. When 2 western (big, not fat) people are sitting next to each other it is very uncomfortable. Luckely the plane had a lot of free spaces so I did not had a problem with it.

The meals where alright, the drinks where fine and the snacks where fair. The service was good and the flight attends where friendly.

The only reason I flew with China airlines was because it was a package trip. The next visit to Thailand I rather choose another airline (evaair for example).
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3.5 de 5
Asiento 35A
Origen Taipei-Taiwan Taoyuan International (TPE)
Para Vienna-Schwechat International (VIE)
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