Mapa de asientos Delta Air Lines Boeing B757 200 (75S) – Plano del avión

Seat map for Delta Air Lines Boeing B757 200 (75S)

Detalles de asientos

Class Tono Ancho asientos
Economy Comfort 35 17.2 44
Business Elite 76 22.2 16
Economy 31-33 17.2 108

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Asiento 18D
Origen Pittsburgh, PA - Pittsburgh International (PIT)
Para Paris - Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
My wife and I used these seats (18D & 18E) going from Pittsburgh (PIT) to Paris (CDG) and back on Flights DL 96 and DL97 in May 2015.
Overall, these are excellent seats.
- Ample legroom (I’m 6’6”). Not as much as in 19A-C but more than any other seats in the Comfort section
- Only two abreast seats in the coach section.
- Close to front galley: first to be served and easy to get refills.
- Close to front toilet: no need to stand around until it’s free.
- No overhead space. However because of priority boarding you don’t have to go back very far to find space.
- Slightly narrower seats because video screen and tray are in the armrests.
- Very small window. Hard to look out of
- Passenger in 19F may want to go through space between 18E and wall, which can be pretty awkward.
- Close to front toilet: people are often standing around
- Close to front galley: may be a bit noisy at times.
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3.5 de 5
Asiento 20C
Origen Honolulu-Honolulu International (HNL)
Para San Francisco, CA-San Francisco International (SFO)
At least better than Hawaiian #449 1 hour before!
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