Mapa de asientos Emirates Boeing B777 200LR – Plano del avión

Seat map for Emirates Boeing B777 200LR

Detalles de asientos

Class Tono Ancho asientos
First Class 86" 23" 8
Business Class 60" 20.5" 42
Economy Class 33-34" 17" 216

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Asiento 1A
Origen Dubai - Dubai (DXB)
Para Adelaide - Adelaide International Airport (ADL)
First class lounge spacious, quiet, restful ambience, very comfortable with courteous service, good selection of food and drinks. Facilities for showering clean, well serviced and offer of slippers for hygienic reasons greatly appreciated. Receptionist at lounge confirmed flight details, and endorsed boarding card. Generous signage made it very easy to find departure lounge [ unlike Toronto]. All passengers underwent carry-on luggage inspection at gate lounge [ very reassuring ]. Cabin crew presented well - immaculately dressed, polite, attentive and obliging without being intrusive - even presented me with a birthday greeting card on arrival at Adelaide. Seating very comfortable and supportive - whole area well-appointed with everything within easy reach. Luggage collection straightforward. The only disappointment was my promised chauffer did not present despite an attempt to phone HQ, necessitating a private alternative arrangement after a wait of over an hour. Nevertheless I would still travel with Emirates.
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Asiento 19F
Origen Dubai - Dubai (DXB)
Para Perth - Perth International (PER)
Flight EK424 on the 2 Nov 2017.
I flew assisted travel as I have great difficulty walking, when my husband and I booked our seats we booked where the seat plan had only 2 seats for the disabled, so it was with great dismay that we discovered we were in the middle 2 seats in a row of four, it was the most uncomfortable journey we have ever encountered. It was difficult to get any shoulder space and I certainly had elbows in my ribs from both sides. It was also extremely difficult to get out of my seat being in the centre of the row, especially with the difficulty that I have with my mobility issues.
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Asiento 8K
Origen Orlando - Orlando International (MCO)
Para Dubai - Dubai (DXB)
Very disappointed with this Emirates Business Class seat. No place to store carry-on so had to be put in overhead bin like economy bulkhead. Felt crammed in next to aisle seat and attendants struggling during service to reach tray table. Difficult to get to aisle with both seats laid flat - climbing over sleeping neighbor with no walk area. Watching TV like being in economy class - 8K has monitor far away on wall while aisle neighbor's is a pull out console version and blares directly in one's face from the left. Looking forward to Airbus 380 on next leg to Bangkok.
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Asiento 36D
Origen Dubai-Dubai (DXB)
Para Buenos Aires-Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini (EZE)
Best seat for a 19 hour flight. I am a quite broad and never had my shoulders taken out. Lucky to have a spare seat next to me that made all the difference. There was plenty of leg room and width and pitch of seat was comfortable. Everyone complaining of the 3x4x3 seating but not a problem. Came off flight relaxed and as rested as can be after 19 hours flying and 1 hour transit in Rio. Service as wonderful and meals very good.
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Asiento 29G
Origen Dubai - Dubai (DXB)
Para Barcelona - El Prat De Llobregat (BCN)
180cm tall, I was lucky to have the four seats in the middle for me, definitely the best plane trip in my life, who needs bussiness class? :-) so my opinion about seat width is not very objective, but I can say that legroom is like the one in A380, great.

Incredible entertainment, just like in the A380, 1000 channels.
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Asiento 68A
Origen Tokyo - New Tokyo International Airport (NRT)
Para Dubai - Dubai (DXB)
Pretty expensive 10000 YEN extra on ticket. It is in economy class on a three seat row but has no seat in the front. So you can easily move in and out although a window seat and you have open front for your legs.
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Asiento 7A
Origen Brisbane - Brisbane International (BNE)
Para Dubai - Dubai (DXB)
Business class makes embarking and disembarking very stream line. Would love some instructions on how to use the ice system, plus where light and assistance buttons where. Didn’t find them in a 14 hour flight.
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Asiento 1A
Origen dubai
Para Los Angeles
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Asiento 6A
Origen los angeles
Para dubai
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