Mapa de asientos Iberia Airbus A340 600 342pax – Plano del avión

Seat map for Iberia Airbus A340 600 342pax

Detalles de asientos

Class Tono Ancho asientos
Business 78" 26" 42
Economy 31" 18.1" 300

Presentación general

This aircraft belongs to the Airbus A340 family. Iberia has a total of 30 Airbus A340s in operation, with 12 in this series. It has a total seating capacity of 342-352 passengers. The layout shown here has 10 First class seats, 42 seats in Business Class and 290 in Economy class. This is a long-haul aircraft with a range of 12,700 km.
First class passengers have individual 10.4” touch screens with a wide variety of programmes. There are individual power points which cater for European and American plugs. Text messages and e-mails can be sent using the Matschusita 3000i system. There is also an individual telephone which also acts as the control for all entertainment options.
Business class passengers have individual screens and telephones on the Boeing 747-200, 747-300 and the Airbus 340. There are power sockets for portable computers.
On flights over four hours long there are about 15 audio channels to choose from and at least two films are shown in Tourist class on long-haul flights. Public phones are available on the following planes: Boeing-747-200, 747-300, Airbus A32A, A340-600 and A-340-300.

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Asiento 37a
Origen Sao Paulo-Aeroporto Internacional Guarulhos (GRU)
Para Madrid-Barajas (MAD)

Iberia has almost finished the renewal of this plane. For this reason this plan is not correct anymore!

37 does not have free-legs space anymore!! It's an ordinary seat today. But the new seats recline better, so I liked it.

The flight was globally comfortable, with many free seats so I could have two for me. The meal was good because I've asked a gluten-free dish (but I'm not allergic to gluten). Simply you get the food before the other ones, the dish is better and healthier than the normal one. I personally did not like the entertainment. Boring releases and not so many choices. By chance I could find last season of a serie that I love and I watched them all.

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Asiento 9A
Origen Santiago Chile
Para Madrid

Nicely surprised with the Iberia new business class set up (this seat plan is not correct). Could upgrade myself for 500 euro but surprisingly (is it?) business class was not even half full. Meal was ok, smoked salmon salad and a prawn dish and a very nice dessert. But, and I believe it is not a secret, Iberia has to do something about their over aged crew.They have no service interest at all, although I have to say the purser knew his job, but unfortunatelly dissapeared during the flight. My connecting flight was iberia express and the difference between friendliness is huge. During the night I asked for the snack service and I basically got told to get it myself. I think this was over the top, with 4 stewardesses for maybe 20 passengers

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Asiento 49L
Origen Madrid-Barajas (MAD)
Para Quito-Mariscal Sucre (UIO)

Awful plane. What plane nowdays don't have screens in the seats?!! The journey I went on was about 12 hours all together, and it was the most awful flight i've ever been on. Only the business/first class had a screen in the seats, the rest of us had to look at 2 small (10cm square) screens that came down from the ceiling in the middle of the plane - one of which wasn't working. More than that, there was a limited range of films that were showing at the time, and you had to wait till the end of each film to get any type of update on the whereabouts of the plane. In short - I couldn't wait for the flight to be over.

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Asiento 10A
Origen Miami
Para Madrid

I am quoting someone else´s comment on a forum. This person is right about what he is saying:

"The real exit rows in economy on the Airbus 340-600 (346) are the following:
row 10, seats A, C, J, and L
row 22, seats A, C, J, and L
row 37, seats A, C, J, and L
People will congregate in front of rows 10 and 37, due to proximity to the galleys and lavatories, but they have much more leg room than row 22 which is just an ordinary exit row (but still more leg room than normal rows)."

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Asiento 22A
Origen Madrid-Barajas (MAD)
Para Buenos Aires-Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini (EZE)

I must say that these aircraft are being re-degign and i flew in one that had been re-design. First of all, the business class has now a 1-2-1 configuration and its now also a fully flat bed. But i flew in economy and it was also re-design. First we had a lot of legroom, good width of the seat, an exellent recline and a IFE that had a big variety of games, movies, TV series and information about the airline. Food was OK but the flight attendants weren´t as polite or nice than other airlines. Really liked the flight.

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Asiento 7H

In the first picture you can see the new first-bussiness class of iberia with the totally new entertainment system, in the second one you can observe tourist class with comfortable seats. I really believe that pictures say more than 1000 words so, take a look at them to get a better idea anout what I am saying.

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Asiento 14j
Origen Mexico City - Internacional Benito Juarez (MEX)
Para Madrid - Barajas (MAD)

This seat has big pros and big cons.
Pros: lots of legroom. The diagram is not up to date because I am talking of a seat equivalent to 10J described here.
Cons: No space whatsoever to store hand luggage or any personal bag. As usual all backward space is usually quickly taken by other passengers. No personal entertainment screen.
Overall if you are on a long haul, I would not recommend Iberia, left as last resource if you are flying on the cheapest option.

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Asiento 17C
Origen Buenos Aires-Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini (EZE)
Para Madrid-Barajas (MAD)

La configuración anterior era mucho más cómoda que la actual.
Ahora el asiento es más corto por lo que las piernas están menos apoyadas y se siente más el cansancio
A quienea administran este sitio les pido que actualicen el mapa ya que el interior de este avión y la distribución de las filas cambió
Lamento que Iberia haya hecho este cambio, para mi era un placer volar en esta aeronave con su anterior configuración


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Asiento 4A
Origen New York-John F Kennedy Intl(JFK)
Para Madrid-Barajas(MAD)

Seat 4A. Great for reclining and eating. Too little storage, difficult access to plug and not very good for sleeping. The massage function is subtle. Got a discounted business class fare. The cabin does feel like a living room, very spacious with the hard shelled seats with a whole lot of pitch between one another. Overall decent but not Continental's or BA's.

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Asiento 9C
Origen Madrid
Para Buenos Aires-Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini (EZE)

I really loved my Seat. We have chosen for iberi because there business Sears are one of the best. You really can create a bed with your chair and the entertainment and food is also nice.

Only thing that is confusing in the beginning are the Seat numbers, because the draaiing is not what it loods like. But the ground personal Will help you with this.

Great experience!

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