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Seat map for Jetstar Airways Airbus A320 180pax

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Economy Class 29" 17.88" 180

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Asiento 10E
Origen Cairns
Para Brisbane
I was in seat 10E (middle) & my husband in 10F (window), I don't usually like the middle seat but it was ok enough leg room for me and I am about 5'7" tall. We also travelled back from Brisbane to Cairns in the same seat location. We had carry on baggage and stuck to the restrictions but I know other people don't because you often have trouble getting storage above where you are sitting. It is best to get on promptly before someone takes your space. The food is always average and they often run out but the food on other domestic airlines is also average even if it is included. They were prompt to board passengers but had to wait for the baggage to be loaded.I believe one of the reasons they keep their prices low is because they do their own cleaning between flights e.g. wipe tables, toilets etc but sometimes it looks like they run out of time for the cleaning. Overall Jetstar is an ok airline providing most of the lowest airfares domestically.
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Asiento 11C
Origen Melbourne-Tullamarine (MEL)
Para Sydney-Kingsford Smith (SYD)
This was a Mel-Syd-Mel day return so not too concerned by seat arraangement/placement, flying time approx one hour. I was located in seat 11D outbound and 17C Inbound both isle seats which I quite like as I can get in and out with ease. Boarding both legs went smoothly. The big issue with me for these commuter flights is lack of leg room and overall space. Budget airlines aim to cram as many pax ito the cabin as possible - only economy class. I am of average height for a male at 175cm and I found it quite tight. Bearable on short flights like this but would not like to experience longer flights. Luggage space in overhead lockers was limited. I had no baggage what so ever but other pax with baggage were competing for the little available. Aircraft was very clean which I liked.
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Asiento 18f
Origen Melbourne - Tullamarine (MEL)
Para Perth - Perth International (PER)
jetstar seating is quite cramp for a 3 hr flight on a a320 which is a good aircraft. Cabin crew okay. On the return leg with tiger we flew in a boeing 737-800 in row 9f seating comfortable and lots more leg room than jetstar. Mind you tiger a320 always has a lot more space than jetstar. We did have a fault delay of 40 minutes which is not on. These planes should be alright to go on time. They should be serviced here by aussie engineers no ifs no buts.
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Asiento #NA
Origen wellington
Para gold coast
well, yes a review !! well considering the flight was cancelled I cant write a review of it ,but I can write of how disappointed myself and the four others in our party are of the fact that you had our money for this flight since december last, the least you could do is give us a refund of our five adult return fares, the voucher is of absolutely no use to us, and ,I expect to everyone else you gave a voucher to. REFUND. OUR. FARES PLEASE.
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Asiento 2A
Origen Coolangatta
Para Sydney-Kingsford Smith (SYD)
We were originally booked into seats 8A/8B but on approaching the booking clerk she noticed that i had a mobility problem & upgraded us to 2A/2B. As we are both around 173cm tall we found that leg room was not a problem. The onboard staff showed a genuine concern for my welfare & were constantly checking to see if i was okay. Overall as this was my first flight with Jetstar i was totally blown away by their courtesy. Will i travel with them again, Sure will.
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Asiento 10f
Origen Gold Coast - Gold Coast (OOL)
Para Auckland - Auckland International (AKL)
My comments regarding my flight regards
comfort of seating. It was most uncomfortable.
I am average/tall 180cm,and could not sit
straight in my seat without my knees against the seat in front.It was most uncomfortable trying to get comfortable with my legs left or right.
Also the tray table was not adjustable as it only had minimum amount of room to fold down.
Have flown with Jetstar before and not had this problem.Very disappointed.May choose another airline.
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Asiento 18e
Origen Adelaide
Para Melbourne-Tullamarine (MEL)
The middle seat is never ideal, particularly as I have need to go to the toilet during most trips. I found it very cramped width and leg room.
Food selection I thought was very good and reasonably priced.
Stewards were friendly and pilots skilled ( I used to pilot smaller planes.)
Next time I would seek a better located seat, certainly not in the middle and further toward front.No entertainment.
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Asiento 17B
Origen sydney
Para darwin
This was the worst trip i have ever had on a plane.
i'm a normal 176cm tall male and i found the leg room impossible, i was rubbing shoulders with the man next to me, and found it difficult to use armrest. It was 4.5hrs of missery.
Getting of the plane the comments i heard were "thank god thats over"
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Asiento 9c
Origen Brisbane
Para Adelaide - Adelaide International Airport (ADL)
Most uncomfortable seat I have ever sat in on a plane. Understand they try to fit more passengers in but seating comfort was terrible. Minimal leg room (i’m only 178cm) and very cramped.
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Asiento 2B
Origen Mornington
Para Phuket - Phuket International (HKT)
Up front seat with my husband in 2C on the aisle. Basically a cheap flight and I got what I paid for.
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