Southwest Airlines Boeing B737 700 137pax seat review by Grumpy #27871

4 de 5
Asiento 14F
Origen Montreal
Para Dallas
Nota detallada
Espacio 5 de 5
Ancho del asiento 4 de 5
Reclinación 1 de 5
Entretenimiento 5 de 5
Alimentos y bebidas 5 de 5
Servicio 5 de 5
Don't be shy to grab up the seat with the emergency exit. The view from the window is not overly obstructed. The stewardess offered me this seat as I was traveling alone. I'm glad I accepted her offer.
Flight offers a movie so bring your headphones or purchase then for 5$.
This seat also is equipped with a plug Si I can charge my phone as we fly. On-board wi-fi is also available. It comes at a cost but we'll worth it when you are a social jitterbug such as myself.
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