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Seat map for TAROM Boeing B737 300 134pax

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Business Class 8
Economy Class 126

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Asiento 3C
Origen Vienna-Schwechat International (VIE)
Para Bucharest-Henri Coanda International (OTP)
I am 190 cm tall, so usually I chose aisle seats.
Row 3 in this plane (a Tarom Boeing 737-300 called Alba Iulia) had lots of legroom, probably comparable with emergency exit rows. This was unfortunately, the only pro.

The seat itself however, was definitely the worst I sat in any plane to date. The seat was very narrow and worst of all, had a recline shaped in such a way that it was impossible for me to sit in it without bending my shoulders and my spine. Any position I ended up sitting in created pressure in one way or another in my spine.
Of course, all the seats in the plane were similar (except the ones in business class)

So, if you're more than 180 cm tall and/or have a bad back, avoid this plane.
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Asiento 3A
Origen Amsterdam - Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS)
Para Bucharest - Henri Coanda International (OTP)
Quite an old plane with a fixed business class section. The seats on row 3 offer a lot of legroom since the divider between economy and business is comfortably far away. The tray tables (hidden in the armrests) are not very stable but good enough to hold a laptop.
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3.5 de 5
Asiento 5A
Origen Bucharest-Henri Coanda International (OTP)
Para Rome-Leonardo da Vinci International (FCO)
Very beautiful bird. I was surprised to see how tiny the cabin appears to be.
The kosher menu was okay. More plentiful than the regular sandwich and snack they offered for lunch.
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Asiento 03A
Origen Barcelona-El Prat De Llobregat(BCN)
Para Bucharest-Henri Coanda International(OTP)
The flight was amazing..... I love to travel by airplane especially if the aircraft is Tarom's ones.
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Asiento 4A
Origen Munich-Franz Josef Strauss(MUC)
Para Bucharest-Henri Coanda International(OTP)
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