Mapa de asientos United Airlines CRJ 700 (CR7) – Plano del avión

Seat map for United Airlines CRJ 700 (CR7)

Detalles de asientos

Class Inclinación Tono Ancho asientos
First 5" 37 20 6
Economy Plus 3" 34 17.1 16
Economy 2" 31 17.1 48

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3 de 5
Asiento 17D
Origen Bel Air
Para Bel Air
Will never fly United again. First time, last time. TSA was not put on ticket!!! Seriously? No HC wheelchair upon arrival at destination. No pre-boarding priority given to me/recovering from knee replacement. Had to climb stairs to board. No pre-warning! Seat was like sitting on a plank of wood. Killed my sciatica. Popcorn on floor; overhead light was MINIMAL, bulb looked like it was failing. Only had two 'snack boxes' available for purchase. I got the classic, my daughter got the cheese one. Cabin EXTREMELY cold, after several complaints from passengers, heat turned on so high it was insane. Couldn't connect to WiFi. Carry ons thrown around like garbage when deplaning. Utter confusion deplaning due to carry on procedure - lack thereof. Disorganized/unprofessional. Yall should take a page from SW - they treat their customers with concern/professionalism and expertise. HAVE to use you for return to MD. God help us!
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