US Airways Airbus A321 seat review by Robert T. #27126

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Asiento 8D
Origen Charlotte-Charlotte Douglas (CLT)
Para Pittsburgh, PA-Pittsburgh International (PIT)
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Ancho del asiento 3 de 5
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We flew back Tuesday 4/30/13 from a weeks vacation in Key West (EYW). Last leg from Charlotte (CLT) to Pittsburgh (PIT) was in US Airways Airbus A321, in ROW 8 (seats D&E). As I sat TRAPPED in their CATTLE-CAR seats, I'm thinking next time I'll fly Delta to avoid the US Airways A321 -- never again. WORST SEATS I've ever had in any plane with any airline in 50 years, even going back to DC-3 and Convair (United) prop service. The A321 seatback from Row 7 was so close it was almost brushing my teeth. US Airways smaller Embraer 175 (in/out of Key West) is a much more comfortable plane, and its Brazilian seats are much better made then the Airbus seats. Prior passengers in my non-reclining seat in Row 8 had bent its frame mechanism trying to get more room, as did I.
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