Mapa de asientos Vietnam Airlines Boeing B777 200ER V1 – Plano del avión

Seat map for Vietnam Airlines Boeing B777 200ER V1

Detalles de asientos

Class Tono Ancho asientos
Business Class 59" 21" 25
Premium Economy 38" 18" 54
Economy Class 32" 18" 228

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Asiento #NA
Origen Kuala Lumpur-Kuala Lumpur International Airport(KUL)
Para Paris-Charles De Gaulle(CDG)
Flew from KUL to CDG, Vietnam airlines use A321 for KUL- HAN route, B777 for HAN - CDG route.
A321 is a typical short haul flight with good meals provided, no private screen IFE, only overhead screen broadcast system.
B777 is an old aircraft with old fashion interior, a small seat back screen with NON on demand IFE, means they have time schedule to broadcast the movie.
On DME to KUL, VN use A330-200, surprisingly this is a modern aircraft with nice interior, larger seat back screen, with video on demand entertainment system.
Flight attendances were polite, food provided was good. They even served cocktail and sparkling wines. As for amenities, they only provide blanket and pillow, tooth brush was placed in bathroom with minimum quantity for grabs. No duty free shopping.
VN should refurbish their B777 aircrafts in order to compete with other 3 star airlines, as their aircraft is really outdated.
If you want to fly with VN, and expect a bit more comfortable flying experience, try to choose route using A330-200 or their newly aircraft - A350 and B787.
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Asiento 3G
Origen Ho Chi Minh City - Tan Son Nhat International (SGN)
Para Sydney - Kingsford Smith (SYD)
This is an older plane, and not comfortable to fly on long flights. The seat only reclines about 90 degrees, making it difficult to sleep on an over night flight, which this one is.
They use tables for entertainment. My first choice movie would not play, so I was given another tablet. Same problem. My second choice movie, suddenly froze about half way through, and would not play beyond that point, even with a device restart.
The food is served in ceramic dishes, however they are portion divided as they are in coach. The whole food service in terms of presentation, quality and service is poor, really not up to International standards.
I cannot recommend this plane. However the price is very good, so it maybe a decent choice versus flying coach on a competitor.
Lounge in Ho Chi Ming, is very jaded.
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Asiento 2k
Origen Hanoi-Noibai International (HAN)
Para London-London Gatwick (LGW)
I flew deluxe economy to Vietnam and business class return to UK. Not the best business class in the world but better than economy and deluxe economy. The food was good, service good, and all round comfort average. Having flown many other airlines in business class I have to say Vietnam Airlines need to get modern seats, these are "old school". It reclines approximately 150 degrees and I did sleep. I'm going to pop a video on YouTube soon just to show what was on offer. The stewardess's were very professional and very helpful. The cabin was half full. 11 Vietnamese and 5 westerners. Would I fly business class again with Vietnamese Airlines... Yes
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Asiento 1A
Origen Ho Chi Minh City - Tan Son Nhat International (SGN)
Para Seoul - Incheon International (ICN)
Wow! They still run this kind of equipment?! Old. Outdated and super uncomfortable. In addition to a rather lackluster service that Vietnam Airlines provided (a hurried meal that was not very good. No additional beverage service. A detached and uninterested crew all made for a bad time with this flight). The seat is not fully lay flat. It is old and hot glued together. It rattles when you sit in it. The recline position had the end of the leg rest meeting midway up my calves - which made for a sleepless and tossing and turning 5 hours. If you can find any other equipment to fly on this route - DO!
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Asiento 4A
Origen Hanoi - Noibai International (HAN)
Para Frankfurt - Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)
Was flying Business from Hanoi to Frankfurt in September 2015 - so shortly before retirement of the B777-200ER on the Germany route. I have to say, it is time the 787 or 350 takes over. The seats are really outdated, not very comfortable for a today's business class seat. Food was good, both choices Western and Asian. Only the in-between snacks were a little substandard - very simple sandwiches, something you also get in eco. Cabin crew was mixed, some very attentive, some just "normal". I got a promotional deal on the flight - but if I would have had to pay normal fare, I would have been a bit disappointed.
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Asiento 4C
Origen Ho Chi Minh City-Tan Son Nhat International (SGN)
Para London-London Gatwick (LGW)
A very comfortable seat with plenty of leg room. Although the seat does not lay flat it reclines enough to allow a good sleep. The entertainment system malfunctioned after a time and the headsets had only a single pin jack instead of the two required for stereo sound hence sound was in only one ear. The cabin was otherwise as one would expect clean and well kept. Staff were all extremely polite, well groomed and attentive. Food was of a good standard with a choice of Asian or European meals and staff came around regularly with drinks.
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Asiento 1D
Origen Sydney-Kingsford Smith(SYD)
Para Ho Chi Minh City-Tan Son Nhat International (SGN)
Good seat but elderly aircraft. In flight entertainment didn't work so they provided us with iPads (good stuff). On-the-wall flight information is near this seat which at times is pretty bright. Keep this in mind if you want to sleep.

Vietnam Airlines has an excellent price to performance ratio. Staff are friendly and effective. Also the food is rather nice.
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Asiento 22K
Origen Ho Chi Minh City - Tan Son Nhat International (SGN)
Para Frankfurt - Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)
NEVER proceed web check-in for VN Airlines, you aren't able to choose a seat, they book you automatically anywhere without any chance to change. And the best: all is done already after you entered your name and flight code, no interrupt possible. Most bad web check-in ever, this is cheating the passenger!
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Asiento 3D
Origen Hanoi-Noibai International (HAN)
Para Seoul-Incheon International (ICN)
Awesome aircraft. Went on Business Class. The legroom and space makes you feel like a king. The reclining helps you to get very comfortable but not interrupting the person behind. Check in was fast and easy. Sadly, the AVOD wasn't working that day :(
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Asiento 4E
Origen Hanoi
Para Ho chi minh city
Great airplane, good service but as always the fa's weren't too happy.
Business seats were the moast spacious i have seen so far.
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