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Business Class 18
Economy Class 238
Economy Delight 24

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Asiento 30A
Origen Bridgetown - Grantley Adams International (BGI)
Para Manchester - Manchester (MAN)
don't rate the option of the A330 -200 as even a short term replacement for 747 or 787 , We sat in 30A and 30C on overnight flight back from Barbados average legroom at best , horrendous when passenger in front reclines , you just feel pinned in
Boarding was a joke just seemed chaos , people struggling for overhead locker space around us
Anything behind row 30 be prepared to have people standing waiting for the toilets , a very cramped area
If crew attempt to pass with a trolley and people are standing in this area the fun really starts, poorly laid out
Food and drink usual virgin standed , no problem with that
Lot of problems with the VERA system , screens not working , handing out a few laptops to help with issue, asking people to try to use there own earphones as so many not working or simply did not have enough on board.
On the whole i would rate the plane as a poor opton on this route and as a regular user if these planes are to be used in future i think i will look at other route carriers
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Asiento 2D
Origen Bridgetown - Grantley Adams International (BGI)
Para London - London Gatwick (LGW)
Having travelled this route with Virgin quite a few times and always been impressed with their UC product I really wasn't impressed with the old Air Berlin seats. They felt very narrow, the screen was quite a way in front, fixed and was operated by a control unit with a finicky roller pad to highlight selections. One bonus that was nice is the massage facility incorporated in the seat and excellent recline giving more options than the usual virgin UC seats. They are flat bed and just slide into position. The interior is drab and grey and the overall feeling is quite claustrophobic.
Thankfully we were told the interiors are to be refurbed about October time, don;t think I will be travelling with them to Barbados in the A300-200 until then.
Cabin crew didn't have much room either for preparing refreshments.
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Asiento 14A
Origen Bridgetown - Grantley Adams International (BGI)
Para London - London Gatwick (LGW)
I was aware this is a “reduced” leg room exit seat, but perhaps hadn’t realised how reduced it was when the door is closed. You have to sit with your legs at an angle as the aircraft doors mechanics stick out where you would normally stretch your legs. The overhead lockers are small and space is at a premium, especially as being in this seat, everything has to be stored for take off and landing. We also have 14C, where the leg room was uninterrupted and great. Table is a faff, but works. This was one of the ex Berlin aircraft Virgin are using and still awaiting to be updated by them.
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Asiento 36K
Origen LGW
Para BDI
Okay, to be honest I have flown with Virgin on numerous occasions and must say this flight was a nightmare!
Whilst my husband in 36H could sit with X-tra legroom, I was stuck (literally stuck) sat for over 8hrs at an angle with half of my legroom due to the Slide Box taking up that space!
These seats cost me an extra £240 pounds, there is no mention of even in the plan that legroom is impaired!
Come on Virgin, you can do better than this, let people know if the xtra legroom is not so!
I must admit I am dreading my flight back on Sunday after three and a half weeks in St. Vincent!
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Asiento 51a
Origen London - London Gatwick (LGW)
Para Barbados
My husband and I usually book Premium Economy purely for the comfort factor in terms of the type of seats and leg room. Hubby is over 6ft. Due to ridiculous pricing of Premium this time round we booked 2 economy delight seats.. i found the leg room ok but hubby was a little snug. Seats felt a little hard so much shifting to get comfortable. The old air Berlin plane refurbished but not very well. The glue to the covering of the seat in front of me was becoming unstuck. Overall i would still prefer Premium. But if cost is a factor next time will buy economy delight.
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Asiento 36D
Origen Manchester - Manchester (MAN)
Para Fort Myers - Southwest Florida Reg (RSW)
My Husband is recovering from a cancer operation and ended up with a bladder and prostrate removal. We requested assistance and we were told they would try and assist us. We were happy with the seat they allocated us, I was disappointed not having a window and isle seat and could not see out of the window.We were very cold in this bulkhead seat a member of your team was concerned and kindly bought us a duvet cover, and my thanks to virgin please can we have them on return journey on 8th October VS 110 RSW to MAN would prefer a window and isle bulk head seat as my husband needs attention.
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Asiento 18F
Origen San Francisco, CA - San Francisco International (SFO)
Para Manchester - Manchester (MAN)
The extra $69 I paid for this seat was well worth it. The only hassle was the signing up. They made me pay before I could see any seats that were available. I moved from a coveted window seat in regular economy to this middle seat in the middle section of 4 seats. With that said, it was surprisingly commodious, and I’m only 5 ft 1 in tall and it felt very spacious to me. The fellow next to me was about 6 ft 2 in but seemed very comfy too. Definitely worth the extra cost; just wish it was easier to obtain!
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Asiento 14a
Origen Gatwick North London
Para Barbados
On my 5th trip on the same route this has been the comfiest yet not that the others were bad but this excelled all my expectations as a large person it’s hard to get comfortable even the seatbelt fitted with room for adjustment there was at least 2 meters leg room as it was at the entrance/exit there was no obstruction whatsoever even the arm rest at the window was some 4 inches away from the wall it was so roomy definitely this is the way to travel (without going 1st class) on a long haul flight and with Virgin Atlantic the best
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Asiento 48a
Origen Walsall
Para New York - John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)
This plane was not up to the normal expected standard for a long flight. The seatwas not functioning correctly and reclined itself and the cover was detached and caught on my sleeve. The seats had also been fitted with loose covers that did not fit correctly. The leg room was as tight as I have ever experienced, not good. The crew repaired the armrest with tape. Again not good and there. Wa,s no apology. They gave us a menu but then our choice was not available. Wiĺ not be recommending this. Virgin model it was second rate
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Asiento 46d
Origen Bridgetown - Grantley Adams International (BGI)
Para Manchester - Manchester (MAN)
Extremely disappointed with these old A330-200 aircraft. Legroom is appalling and the seats are very hard, uncomfortable and tatty. Flown this route on two previous occasions with virgin on 747-400 and A330-300 Aircraft, both provided a considerably enhanced experience in terms of comfort and service. Surely there were better leasing options available for virgin to ensure the usual virgin experience is maintained on alternative aircraft. The food service was also very poor (normally excellent). Get it sorted virgin or customers will start to look elsewhere!
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